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Best 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Food

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Planning to host a Thanksgiving day dinner but confused about the menu? Fret not for there I have enlisted the 5 best dinner ideas for the big day...




Butternut Squash and Tomato Bisque – Starting a Thanksgiving dinner with the soup is always a great idea and so, I welcomed this delicious creamy bisque in my top 5 list. The best part is that you can even make this soup several days in advance and freeze. For this recipe, a butternut squash is halved, baked till tender and pureed. Then, in a Dutch oven, onion is sautéed in butter and oil. After that, fresh tomatoes are pureed in a blender with honey or maple syrup and mixed with the pureed squash, sautéed onion, chicken broth and salt. This creamy bisque is then simmered in the Dutch oven and served garnished with chopped tomatoes.


Luscious Deviled Eggs – Deviled eggs make for a great appetizer, especially in a Holiday feast. For this recipe, the eggs are boiled, peeled and halved, removing the yolks. The yolks are pressed with a fork in another bowl and mixed with Miracle Whip, parsley flakes, basil, mustard, salt and pepper. Then, this mixture is spooned back into the egg white halves and served garnished with a pair of pomegranate seeds on each egg slice.


Main Course


Orange Glazed Turkey Breast  – This flavorful turkey meat is great for a meaty sandwich treat or otherwise. The turkey breast in this recipe is rubbed with vegetable oil, salt and pepper and roasted on a rack placed inside a roasting pan. Then, the roasted meat is basted with a glaze made by boiling together minced garlic, butter, orange juice concentrate, sweet orange marmalade, brown sugar, soy sauce and minced ginger. Finally, this glazed breast is allowed to stand for few minutes before carving.


Side Dish


Cranberry Orange Relish – For this delicious treat, the cranberries are finely chopped or grinded, the orange is deseeded and both the fruit pulps are mixed with the addition of sugar. The relish is then refrigerated for a couple of days for ripening and served as fruit compote alongside a meat dish.




Pumpkin Cake – For this cake, a flour mixture is made with flour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and salt and combined with another mixture prepared by beating sugar, oil, vanilla and pumpkin puree. This batter is then baked for a delicious, sweet pumpkin cake.


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Best 5 Thanksgiving Dinner Food