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What Are The Top 6 Winter Cocktails

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I often wondered about the winter cocktail recipe ideas which could turn the chilly evenings enjoyable, and after much research and experimentation I have come up with the top 6 winter cocktails which can be served at different parties and other occasions which accompanied with hot soups, appetizers and main course. So read on and have a look at this irresistible list...


Pomegranate champagne cocktail – This is a wonderful fresh cocktail which is made with chilled pomegranate juice or even chilled cranberry juice. Do not forget to add chilled champagne to enhance the taste of the drink. You need to serve this drink immediately after preparing it. It tastes best when served after hot spicy meals and appetizers.


Ultra Alexander – This is a lovely sweet blend of brandy, chocolate syrup, crème de cocoa and whipped cream which makes this cocktail a perfect drink for parties. It takes very little time to prepare this drink and can be served with almond shortbread cookies after dipping them in hot chocolate.


Dandy Shandy – You can mix your favorite dark stout with fresh ginger ale to make this exotic cocktail. Porter beer can also be used to prepare this cocktail. In case you are not able to get porter beer, you can buy any non alcoholic beer. Chilled ginger beer is the main flavor of this interesting drink. Dandy shandy tastes best when it is served with warm appetizers and with dips, tarts and quiches.


Polar cocktail – This is a very exotic cocktail which does not have any mint, chocolate, brandy or even whiskey. This drink is prepared with maraschino, eggs, lemon and gin. Eggs are added to this drink which helps to create a rich winter effect to this cocktail. The creamy texture of the drink adds to its taste.


Clove Julep – This is another very delicious drink which is prepared with crushed mint and sugar. Ice and vodka are added to enhance the taste of this drink. Clove julep tastes wonderful when eaten with sumptuous chicken wings along with peanut sauce. It makes a great Thanksgiving drink menu.


Basil Martini – This is a very classic drink which is prepared by shaking Basil infused vodka and is had with a dash of vermouth. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare this drink and is considered to be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner menu drink and Christmas party. You can prepare this drink with the help of a cocktail shaker and strain it well before serving. You can have it with pork chops and roasted turkey.


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What Are The Top 6 Winter Cocktails