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Top 10 End-Of-Summer Side Dishes

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End-of summer marks the beginning of winter, and with winter comes the season of festivity, celebration, family get-togethers and elaborate dinners. No wonder side-dishes find such a prominent place in end-of-summer courses. So here are the top 10 end-of-summer side dishes that will help you plan an elaborate dinner and set the right mood for the celebrative season:

1.    Corn and Arugula Salad: This Mexican salad just marks the start of a sumptuous end-of-summer meal. The unique combination of peppery arugula paired with fresh cilantro and creamy yogurt dressing is sure to steal everyone’s heart.

2.    Potato Salad: Another great salad recipe that typically marks the end-of-summer side dish is freshly-plucked Potato Salad. Simply cooked potatoes soaked in a gentle wine and olive oil dressing, this traditional recipe had been an eternal favorite of many.

3.    Tomato Watermelon Salad: Talking about salads, the Tomato-Watermelon salad cannot miss a mention. Sliced almonds, jalapeno, harissa, herbs, capers watermelon and tomatoes combine together to bring a burst of flavors in your mouth that leave you simply mesmerized.

4.    Tomato and Mozarella Salad: Nothing can be more perfect for the end-of-summer side dish than this. This tangy, creamy, simple to make salad goes well with all sorts of ethnic flavors and is one of the hugely adaptable summer side dishes.

5.    Broccoli and Almond Coleslaw: A slight deviation from the traditional cabbage coleslaw, this dish brings creativity, uniqueness and great taste to your table. The crunchiness imparted by almonds, the sweetness by raisins and the loads of nutrition by broccoli, this dish not only satisfies your taste, but also brings in an element of good health.

6.    Corn Souffle: Corns had always been an integral part of summer side dishes and corn souffle is an interesting way of using it in your recipes. Sweet, fluffy, creamy and undeniably classy, this summer side dish is a tough competitor to even the main courses.

7.    Corn Fritters: The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. A simple seasoning simply highlights the corn flavors, which in turn make them go well with all kinds of main courses – grilled fish or roasted lamb or even a simple chicken dish.
8.    Creamed Corn: This classic American summer side dish is again one that had been occupying the hearts of people since ages. Cream, sugar and sweet corn together bring such a heightened pleasure of satisfaction to your taste buds that you will surely not want to miss it the next season.

9.    Sugar Snap Peas with Oregano: Summer side dishes with snap peas, green beans, spinach and zukes and tossed with oregano are not only rich in taste but are also loaded nutrients and vitamins.

10.    Flame-Cooked Chicken Saltimbocca: Simple yet flavorful, this summer side dish is another sure-shot heart winner. The method is quite simple – small chicken cutlets wrapped in prosciutto and tossed with lemon juice and olive oil before being grilled for about 10 minutes. Time to serve this amazingly delectable summer side dish on the table.  

Summer side dishes are marked with salads, soups and other creative recipes. The fresh vegetables and herbs that are abundantly found during this period is what makes the season so elaborative in terms of foods and dishes. While this article tells you all about the top 10 end-of-summer side dishes, you can always experiment with your own recipes and bring your creativity to its zenith.

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Top 10 End-Of-Summer Side Dishes