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Celebrate National Sandwich Day With Sandwich Cocktails

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National sandwich day is another cheesy way to celebrate our loved convenience food. Celebrate national sandwich day with sandwich cocktails and make the most of this wonderful day. To honor this sandwich day, several sandwich classics are now being turned into great tasty libations. You can enjoy these sandwiches at your favorite restaurant or you can prepare these at home with the help of all ingredients you have. It will surely be a great way to enjoy Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.


Sandwich cocktails for sandwich day are easy ways to enjoy this special day with your friends and relatives. One such popular food for this special day is the cheese burger cocktails which is an extremely exotic cocktail sandwich. Dark chocolate caramel, burnt toffee and some great toasted nuts are used in the making of this sandwich cocktail which is a completely new tasting experience for all people. This sandwich cocktail is a perfect satisfaction to the comfort food which you can imagine.


Sandwich cocktails were developed just as a means to find a way of eating while gambling. It is believed that the 4th Earl of Sandwich desired to eat with just one hand and thus he requested his servants to serve his lunch between 2 bread slices. This was the beginning of sandwich which is now considered to be the most popular sandwich in America. In fact sandwiches are the most popular food which is eaten by the Americans. When these sandwiches are combined with their favorite cocktails, it becomes a great way to celebrate the day. Varieties of cocktails are used in the making of these sandwiches.


If you believe that making sandwich cocktails is a really difficult task, you need to know that you should have the right ingredients and need to mix all of these together so that you get a perfect blend as you always desire. Suppose you have rum at home, you can mix it with peanut syrup, strawberry jam, egg whites and bananas – all of which need to be perfectly mixed in a shaker with ice. This needs to be shaken well and then strained in a cocktail glass with some minced salted peanut. Garnishing can be done easily with the help of a tasty banana slice.


Cocktail sandwiches can also be prepared by mixing huge quantities of bread crumbs with mustards and then mixing it well it roma tomatoes, lettuce water, rum, some dill pickle and salt with pepper for the purpose of taste. Aged cheddar when added also offers some great taste to the cocktail sandwich. Garnish it with a spoonful of cheese and serve it as you want. 


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Celebrate National Sandwich Day With Sandwich Cocktails