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How To Cut Calories In Lunch – Alternatives For Lunch Meat

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If you are among those who believe that a lunch is incomplete without meat, then this information is going to surprise you.  It is time for you to learn how to cut calories in lunch . Alternatives for lunch meat are plenty, you just need to know about them and be open to suggestions. Cutting calories in lunch meat is possible if you know how to replace meat with other foods, thereby retaining the taste and flavor of the dish, here are some great suggestions for you.


Sandwiches – If you love to have roast beef or turkey breast sandwich with a delicious barbecue sauce for lunch, you can easily replace it with a tuna salad sandwich. Tuna is refreshing and very healthy alternative to any meat dish.


Pizza – Hundreds of people have chicken or ham pizza with an extra cheese topping for their lunch. Cut down calories by ordering thin crust vegetable pizza for lunch. Include fish sauce and shredded salmon as its topping. It is going to taste wonderful!       


Soup – I have seen people have soups for lunch and believing that they are cutting down calories. You will surely cut down calories but it depends on the type of soup you are having. Beef soup, chicken or turkey soup with extra cream cheese sauce is not going to help you. Try to have clear soup, boiled vegetable soup, sweet corn or even vegetarian chili soup to make your lunch sumptuous. You can have it with toast instead of having it with a chicken salad or a turkey sandwich as most foodies love to.


Burgers – These can be fulfilling and delicious to eat, but if you do not choose the right ones, you will end up in adding lot of calories in your meals. Chicken, turkey and beef burgers are no doubt delicious but think how good they are for your health? Why not have a veggie burger if you plan to have it as your everyday lunch. In fact you can prepare these at home which will make them even healthier.


Salads – If you choose to have salads for lunch and specially potato, chicken, beef, turkey salads with a special topping of mayonnaise, it is certainly not healthy for you. Mushrooms can also be healthy provided you know how to cook these – replace shredded chicken with mushroom slices, you are sure to love its taste. You can have fruit as well as roasted vegetable salads which are going to be very healthy.


Grilled foods – If you love to have grilled meat dishes for your lunch, you can try replace them and have baked or grilled vegetables with special seasonings of herbs. It shall add to the taste as well as the nutrition count of the dish.

Follow these tips and watch your lunch and your waist getting leaner by the day. 

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How To Cut Calories In Lunch – Alternatives For Lunch Meat