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Persian Foods With Eggplant

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Persian cuisines use a variety of vegetables in its recipes and eggplants are like “potato in Iran". The fact that Persian foods with eggplants are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner validate the above saying. Some of the well known eggplant recipes in Persian food are here for you to learn.






Bademjan Ghasemi

Bademjan Ghasemi is a starter which is made out of fried eggplants, tomatoes, garlic and some seasoning. Fried eggplants are added to semi-scrambled eggs. This combination of vegetable mix with lightly scrambled eggs produces a savory taste. Smaller size eggplants are ideal for this recipe.


Kashk Bademjoon

Kashk bademjoon is made by braising fried eggplants in a dilute paste of tomato. Kashk is thick whey used in dressing the dish.

Kookoo Badenjan

Kookoo in Persian cuisine is vegetable soufflé. This purely vegetarian dish is a made out of sliced eggplants and onions mixed in beaten egg and cooked like an omelet. They are served in wedges.



Abghust is a popular Persian food with eggplants. It is a lamb stew with eggplants, potatoes and chickpeas. The cooked vegetables and meat are mashed and served with soup and traditional breads.


In Iran, Torshi means pickles. The usual practice is to cook vegetables before they are preserved in a bottle of vinegar. Spices are also a part of torshi like any regular pickle. Eggplants are chopped and roasted, boiled in vinegar and is pulverized into a paste form. Herbs are used for seasoning. This pickle is more of a condiment and found in bottles throughout Iran food stores.


Eggplants can blend easily with fats and spices; hence it’s a royal liberty to use eggplants in a wide variety of dishes to achieve rich tastes and flavors. Thus, one can find a myriad of  Persian food with eggplants.


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Persian Foods With Eggplant