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Top 10 Wild Rice Meals

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Wild rice meal

I discovered the virtues of wild rice recently and so impressed i was with its versatality and delicate confluence of flavors that I thought I’d share some wild rice meal ideas with you all. So read on...


Best Wild Rice Meal Options


Here are some of the brilliant wild rice meal ideas, which you can easily try out...


Tuna and White Rice Casserole: This is a classic North Minnesota dish, which is generally served during the thanksgiving week.  You need a can of tuna, cheddar cheese, chow mien noodles, wild rice, mushroom soup, and a can of water to prepare this casserole. It is very easy to prepare and can be tried any time.


Cashew Raisin Rice Pilaf: This is a low fat rice pilaf, which tastes good with all types of poultry and pork dishes.  You need margarine, long grain white rice, onion, carrot, raisins, chicken broth, wild rice, green peas, cashews, diced peppers and pimento.  For a change you can also try out adding almonds and dried cranberries instead of cashews and raisins.


Wild Rice Harvest Casserole: Winters are the best time to enjoy this hearty casserole, which is prepared with wild rice, chicken, and topped with cashews. Other than that you will require celery, butter, and cans of mushroom soup, chicken broth, sliced mushrooms, onion, poultry seasoning and herbs like parsley.  You can try using garlic and dried cranberries for enhanced flavors.


Almond Wild Rice: This healthy pilaf is made using wild and brown rice in equal amounts. A hint of fruity sweetness in form of golden raisins is added to make it tasty. You can prepare it in advance and refrigerate it and later heat it, whenever needed.  You can add chopped celery and carrots, to make it tastier. For a change perhaps you can try out adding dried cranberries.


Cheesy Wild Rice: This is a healthy soup, which can be easily prepared even in the case you are facing the time crunch. It   is prepared using packed fast cooking long grain, and wild rice mix, milk, condensed cream of potato soup, American cheese, and sliced bacon.  You can even use leftover rice to prepare this soup and top it with green onions.


Cajun Wild Rice: This is the Cajun inspired wild rice gourmet, which can be easily prepared using wild rice, chicken broth, water, andouille sausage, sweet onion, mushrooms, garlic  and condensed mushroom soup. You can use moose sausage in place of regular sausage to make it tastier.


Northwoods Wild Rice:   This tastes good when served with poultry. You need wild rice, water, salt, margarine, bacon, small onions, celery, and mushrooms to prepare this dish.  You can reconstitute this dish with dried cranberries. Instead of topping it with cashew and bacon you can stir them along with other ingredients.


Wild Rice with Rosemary and Cashew Stuffing:  You can easily prepare this rice pilaf, by varying different types of nuts, mushrooms, and herbs.  You can serve it as a side dish along chicken. You need olive oil, onion, mushrooms, cashews, rosemary, chicken stock, and wild rice to prepare this dish.


Pork and Wild Rice Casserole:  This delicious wild rice casserole is cooked using wild rice, bacon, pork, butter, onion, celery, flour, mushroom soup, mushroom, almonds, diced pimento, parsleys, and pepper.  Don’t forget to season your ground pork, if it is not preseasoned.  You can also use Italian sausages to prepare this casserole.


White and Wild Rice Pilaf:  This special rice pilaf sports carrots, sautéed onions, and celery, parsley and white and wild rice varieties. These ingredients are simmered in vegetable broth.  During Easter dinners it is served with Cornish game hens. 


These are just some of the wild rice meal options that i tried at my place, but there are several more. It is one of the most nutritious and flavorful addition to any meal so do experiment and invent more.

Bon apetit!


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Top 10 Wild Rice Meals