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Meal Ideas For Athletes

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The meal ideas for athletes must include a complete diet plan to provide the body maximum fitness and flexibility, in terms of athletics. The athletic body needs frequent servings of smaller sized meals throughout the day. Starting from the timely breakfast till the dinner, there should be a gap of around 3 hours between two meals. That is why, the athletes’ meal ideas, comprise of a variation of healthy and nutritious foods in proper amount for several times a day.


To decide on the meal ideas for athletes, one important point you should keep in mind that each of the meal should be prepared to serve the exact proportion of nutrients such as 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate and 20% fat. Subsequently, each of these meals will be able to serve 400-450 calories at a time. Along with this, adequate quantity of water is very much needed for the athletes’ body, which should be minimum 1 gallon water per day. If collecting or preparing foods for several times a day becomes monotonous and complicated, then you can substitute 1 or 2 meals of the day with the meal replacement drinks.


Keeping all the above considerations in the mind, I have made a list of delicious as well as nutritious meals. You can pick any of these for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or the interim meals. Choose one from each group to provide the exact percentage of nutrients in your foods. In case, it is mentioned as no fat or no carbohydrate required, then you can omit one item from the fat or carbohydrate section.


Protein – You will find a number of protein items for your every meal. For the breakfast, you can consider any of these items like 8-10 egg whites, 2 cups of egg beaters, 1 cup of cottage cheese or 7 oz of Canadian Bacon etc. For the lunch and dinner, select among the choices like 7 oz of turkey breast, grilled chicken breast, 10 pieces of sushi, 5 oz of tuna steak etc. You can also select any one from 7 oz of salmon, 5 oz of flank steak or roast beef or trimmed pork loin or sirloin etc. However, for these recipes, do not select any additional fat items as the required fat count is already present in these items.


Carbohydrate – For each of the meal you have, it should contain 40% of carbohydrate. The breakfast choices could be anything among small bagel, 2 slices of breads, 1 baked potato, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 fruit like apple, peach or pear etc. Similarly, the lunch or dinner can consist of ½ cup brown rice with 1 cup asparagus or 1 stalk broccoli or 1 cup salsa. One whole wheat pita bread or 4 oz pasta can be the other healthy options to supply the required carbohydrate for each meal.


Fat – You can choose any one of the fat options for each of your meal, only when the protein part does not contain any built in fat. The fat alternatives can be 1 tbsp butter or peanut butter or olive oil or sour cream or margarine or mayonnaise or salad dressing, 2 oz of cheese, ½ cup avocado etc.


There might be many more options which can be suggested by an expert dietician. If you are seriously thinking about following the athletes’ meal ideas, then you should take professional help in this regard.



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Meal Ideas For Athletes