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Top 10 Cocktail Drinks For Beginners

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If you are planning to mix the drink for the first time in your life, then here is the list for top 10 cocktail drinks for beginners. Cocktail making is not just about mixing all the drinks together; you have to maintain the correct measurements and shake properly to prepare the drink in the right way. These beginners’ cocktail drinks ideas will surely open up a new horizon of mixing and shaking to you.


Apricot Sour

Use 2 parts Apricot brandy, 1 part lime juice, ½ part orange juice and ¼ part sugar syrup to shake with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into cocktail glass and if you want to garnish then use physalis fruit.


Bikini Martini

Take 1 ½ part of gin, 1 ½ part blue Curacao and 1 teaspoon of peach schnapps to shake well with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with orange zest.


Champagne Charlie

Take a flute glass to pour 1 part of apricot brandy. Fill the remaining part of glass with champagne. Use a rose petal to garnish and serve immediately.


Dry Manhattan

Combine 2 ½ part of bourbon to mix with 1 part of Noilly Prat dry and 1 drop of Angostura bitter to stir with ice. Take a cocktail glass and fill with strained drink to serve.


Elixir of Love

Take ½ part of white rum, 1 part of Disaronno Amaretto, 1 part of cream de cacao and 1 part of cream to shake in a cocktail shaker. Take a glass to half fill with crushed ice and pour the drink over it. Garnish with chocolate shavings.


Fizzing Cherry

Use a cocktail shaker to shake 1 ½ part of cherry brandy, 2 parts of orange juice, 1 part of lime juice and ½ part of sugar syrup along with ice. Strain the drink into a glass, which is half-filled with ice cubes. Top up the remaining portion with lemonade and garnish with lemon wedge to serve.


Gin and Sin

Combine 1 ½ part of gin, 1 part of lemon juice, ½ part of orange juice, ½ part of sugar syrup and 1/8 part of grenadine to shake well inside the cocktail shaker along with ice. Strain the drink into a cocktail glass.


Ignorance is Biss

Take ½ part of each ingredient; campari, vodka, passion fruit juice and apple juice to shake well with ice. Take a chilled martini glass to strain the drink. Garnish with squeezed lime wedge.


Moscow Mule

Take a highball glass to half fill with ice cubes and on top of that pour 2 parts of vodka, 1 part of lime juice and 2 drops of Angostura bitter. Now fill the remaining part with ginger beer. Garnish with lime wedge and mint leaf.



Use a highball glass, which is half-filled with ice; to this pour 2 parts of vodka, 4 parts of cranberry juice and 2 parts of grapefruit juice. Garnish with squeezed lime wedge in the drink.



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