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How To Make Breakfast Bowl Out Of Melons

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Breakfast bowl out of melons are delicious yet healthyNo doubt melons are treats for summer but what makes it the first choice of moms on a Sunday morning is its healthy, refreshing and delicious taste. What more - you don’t even need knife, fork or dishes. The bowl of melon is all-in-all in itself. Want to know how to make breakfast bowl out of melons, here are some tips:

Pick A Melon: Many varieties like Canary, Crenshaw, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Charantais, Christmas etc are available at the stores and all of them are rich in Vitamin C, A, potassium and fiber. They are incredibly hydrating too so pick any of your choice.

What To Fill: Use a knife to cut the melon into two halves and then take out all the seeds and flesh from it. Once cleaned from inside, fill whatever you want. People often like it with cozy hot oatmeal, cream of wheat, cold cereal, grit or sometimes with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Also try it with a cup of yogurt and sprinkle it with granola or whole grain cereal. Health-conscious people can use low-fat cottage cheese in place of yogurt. Fill the melon with chicken soup with mushrooms into it.

Breakfast bowls made from melon are always healthyHealth Points: Melons can have between 90-130 calories. Besides it is made of 95% water, which makes it energizing and refreshing. They are considered good for the stomach, as they are easily digestible.

Now that you know making breakfast bowl out of melons has been an easy and a painless exercise, what are you waiting for? – Go get a spoon and enjoy this delicious treat!

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How To Make Breakfast Bowl Out Of Melons