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Valentines day celebration !!!!!!!!!

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Hello friends !!!!!!! Its Valentines day again……… wow what a wonderful day it is!!!! The world seems to be filled with an air of love & happiness……… its love & love everywhere. Well just wanted to share on my experience of Valentines Day & my idea of it…. Although Valentines day is celebrated all across the world for centuries it made a late entry to India. Being from a convent school I was always aware of this day but never came across anyone who celebrated this day…. It was in the year 1997 that Valentines Day celebration became a rage in India. Thanks to the movie Dil To Pagal Hain which made 14th of February so popular in our country…

The movie was all about Love and India was then just coming to terms with the modernit the youth all over the country loved the movie & embraced its idea of showing love to each other on Valentines Day!!! I remember dropping into a nearby gift shop that year and was amazed to see the change in the shop display. There was no comparison of the shop earlier and then…. It was filled with red Baloons everywhere….Fragrance of some rose perfume filled the shop atmosphere and there was truly madly deeply (Savage garden) being played in the background. The racks were filled with colourful cards & gifts…. The environment was extremely serene & calm with beautiful danglers,wall hangings,love messages here & there. Anyone entiring the shop would have forgotten the pain & hatred that otherwise exists in todays world. It was like being in a fairyland where each and every object makes you fall in love…. I could see young enthusiastic boys & girls coming in groups or single to pick up the best of card & gift for their special someone…. At this moment I felt sorry for myself on being single at the age of seventeen…. My heart sank and I decided to leave the store when I came across a card on which it was written “happy valentines day brother”. Without thinking twice I picked up the card & another which was for my parents…. On my way back I thanked St Valentines for gifting the world with such a lovely day when we can share our love with our loved ones…. Need not necessarily be our lover or spouse…. It can be anyone who’s close to our heart!!!!!

That year 14th feb was really special because for the first time I celebrated valentines day…. And that too with the three most important and loving people in my life. To my surprise I was gifted with a card and a cute teddy by my little bro… and our parents were amazed to see us brother & sister’s bonding!!!! We made mom & dad share memories of their initial days of courting & how they fell in love,etc. It was a rare sight because we never saw our parents like that earlier… they looked like a newly wed couple full of love & care for each other!!! No one could say that they were married for so many years… Both dad & mom thanked my bro & me for celebrating the day and you won’t believe they make sure to celebrate 14th feb till date although my bro & I are snow staying kilometers away from them…. Its wonderful to see this special couple so much in love for each other after 30 years of their marriage….


I was in love by the age of nineteen and didn’t want to miss even a single year without celebrating this special day !!!!!!! But tragedy stuck us every year on 14th…. My then boyfriend (who’s now my life partner) used to have loads of work every year for which our plans used to get spoilt. I remember waiting for him for hours outside his office to meet him….





And every year it used to be for a few minutes or an hour that we met. But this day was special,, it was different than all the other days we met!!!!! There was a certain kind of passion, longing,eagerness to meet each other…. I still cherish those days when we used to court without the hint of my parents…. That kiss on my forehead gave me a strength which I cant express and the peck on the cheek was love personified…..

This year is our first valentines day after marriage and I have plans to make this day memeorable……… hope this time the God of Love has mercy on us ;) I am planning to make a hand made card for him and also decorate the whole house with red and pink flowers, balloons . Also I have plans to make chocolates & cake at home…. Well I have already booked a table for two at our favourite thai retsurant in Bangalore…. Hope this day is special !!!!!!! By the way my bro & I still celebrate this day…. We send cards & gifts to each other and also to our parents…. This day makes us feel that we all are close to each other even though we are miles away and only meet once or twice a year….. Although this day is of great business for television,radio stations,restaurants,gift shops,malls etc yet I think there’s no harm as such…. Because all across the world people are sharing love and happiness. So what’s the harm in spending a bit of our money for the special people in our life…. Today we spend more time at work than at home…by the time we reach home its time to eat and sleep. We don’t have time for our parents,our spouse,our friends,our family and also for ourselves….. so don’t you think if o we are given one day in a year to show all our love and emotions to our special ones …its worth???? Here’s wishing all of you a Very happy Valentines day!!!!!!!!!

May your day be filled with lots of love & happiness…. Tell that special one that you care!!!!!!!!!!!!


And do let me know if you have tips for celebrating valentines day…..

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Valentines Day Celebration !!!!!!!!!