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Irish Cuisine

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There is something between Irish and Potato. I read them synonumus at a lot of places. Do Irish people eat a lot of potatoes? Well, who doesn't? I read somewhere "Pre- Potato Ireland."

The Irish ate a  lot of meat. They used wild deer,cows, lambs, and pigs. Pork was the main meat eaten at all the feasts. They did not eat a lot of bread, although they knew about a lot of grains. Irish people mainly used Oats and Barley. Wheat was not one of the primary grains used.

Most of the corn grown was used to make ale and then flavored and drank. It probably was not fermented enough to be intoxicating. Mead the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world was a delicacy and used during feasts.

Milk was used in large quantities. It was also used to make cheese and butter and also soured to make curds. The poor drank the whey after the curd was seperated.

Milk mixed with Irish moss, boiled and mixed with honey was a dessert and is prepared to this day.

Fruits were eaten during the summer. Vegetables were not in abundance, whatever they could collect from the wild.

Seafood was in plenty and even to this day Irish eat a lot of it. Eggs were widely used and consisted mostly of ducks' and wild birds'.

Then came the potato. The Irish people were intorduced to the spuds and it became their staple diet.

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Irish Cuisine