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How To Host A French Cocktail Party

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A Wine and Cheese French Cocktail PartyMy husband was stuck on the idea of a French cocktail party for our first anniversary.  But, the problem was that I had no idea how to host a French cocktail party. From the food and drinks to the ambience, I was completely clueless, until a friend of mine came to my rescue. I hosted the French Cocktail Party last Sunday and it was simply awesome or like the French say it was “Impressionnant ”.  Here are some suggestions that helped me. 







Let us start with the most important part, the cocktail party menu.The menu can break or make your party and as a hostess I am sure you want to have the best possible menu for your French cocktail party.



French Cocktail Party Drinks


For a French Cocktail party you should pick up some delicious French Cocktails and drinks. This way you can bring in elements of your theme. Make sure that you have an excellent variety of French wines and the best of French Champagnes. Cognacs and Cointreau are also welcome additions. Wines are the best choice for a French cocktail party as some of the best wines in the world come from parts of France. It will be fun if you held a wine tasting event after ensuring that you have an array of red and white wines at hand!



Stick to your theme when it comes to the non alcoholic drinks and keep some café au lait or cappuccino ready. You can also keep some hot water and milk ready along with cream so that if needed, your guests can help themselves and make their own Café Au Laits or Café Cremes towards the end of the party.


Prepare some traditional French Cocktails like French Martini or French 77. Some of the cocktails you can serve are:

Balthazar French Martini  - This martini includes a mixture of black raspberries, honey and herbs in Chambord , a French liqueur. 

French 95 – This cocktail is an enticing mixture of bourbon, lemon juice and sugar syrup topped with some delicious champagne.

French Kiss – An addictive cocktail the French Kiss boasts a romantic mingling of delicious raspberry liqueur with creme de cassis  and then a fling with my favorite drink, champagne! You can also add a scoop of ice cream on top!! Yumm..i am sure your lady guests will love this as not only is it delicious but the sparkling deep pink cocktail is too had to resist!  

Kir - This is a simple cocktail that is made by pouring white wine over creme de cassis. 


It would add a personal touch if you could handle your own drink station instead of hiring a bartender to do the same or having jacketed waiter roaming around the place. Once you have decided on the drinks to be served, make and serve them yourself, or let the guests help themselves at the drink station. Keep recipe cards of the drinks that are available for the party. Ensure that you have all the bases required to make your cocktails and also that you are well stocked when it comes to drinks.


French Cocktail Party Food 


A balanced menu with a variety of appetizers will add to the success of your cocktail party. But for a French cocktail party you also have to ensure that you serve appetizers that are related to the theme. Chocolate-dipped strawberries or fresh berries, caviar, escargot, and foie gras. You can also serve stuffed or unstuffed croissants and fresh baguettes  with delicious dips, or crepes and mini tarts with sweet or savory fillings and so on.


A Cheese and fruit platter is another brilliant addition as the practice of pairing up the right wine with the right cheese has been a fond of tradition of the French. You can actually blindfold your guest’s eyes and ask them to differentiate between various kinds of cheese like Brie, Camembert, Chevre and other French cheese varieties.


French Cocktail Party Ambience and Atmosphere


Set the tone by decorating the party venue with French memorabilia and figurines or even pictures of Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Notre Dame and of course pin up the French Flag. You can use Paris, the City of Light as the inspiration and light up your house with colorful mini bulbs or place fresh flowers all over the house reproducing the pastoral countrysides of France. Help the guests slide into the mood easily by settling on a French Dress code centering round the French national colors. ...Blue, white and red.  Play French music and set up the chairs and tables to resemble the small cafés seen on Parisian sidewalks. You can even instigate a discussion or play a Trivia Game on French topics like French culture, literature, drama, movies and actors. You can present the winners with a French Wine and French Cheese hamper!


Now, you are all set to host the best French Cocktail Party ever! Enjoy!


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How To Host A French Cocktail Party