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How To Have An Affordable Wedding – Save Money Where You Can?

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Wedding day is the day for which almost every woman waits eagerly - with a heart full of hopes and eyes full of dreams. But this fantasizing also brings along the challenge of how to have an affordable wedding – saving money on your wedding is one question that constantly keeps you busy. So here are a few ideas that not only save money for you, but also help you throw a more organized wedding party.
While planning a wedding party, a lot of factors need to be considered – the wedding time and location, music, photography, guest list, etc. Try saving money on your wedding as much as possible while planning each of these aspects. For example, you can save significantly by choosing your wedding time and location smartly. Most people get married on Saturday nights and hence, this day is on high demand. Week days being lesser in demand, getting married during the week may fetch you great rental discounts. Also choose the less popular wedding months, like, January, February, March, November and early December. You can also choose a small town for your wedding, where rental fees are considerably lesser. Plan your guest lists smartly and invite only the people who are really important to you. Saving money on music, decorations and photography is also a great way.

A wedding party is incomplete without good food. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges while planning your wedding day and therefore, you need to plan it really smart. Here are a few tips in which you can save money on food:

•    Throw a Lunch Party:
Throw a lunch party instead of dinner. Lunch is always cheaper than the dinner which in turn, saves a significant amount of money.
Arrange for a buffet•    Go for Buffet:
The dilemma of whether to plan a formal sit-down meal or a buffet had been age-old in every bride’s mind. A formal sitting may seem to be very romantic, only till the time you run a reality check on it and realize the huge expenses associated with it. A formal sitting has a huge cost associated with it – it needs more space, in order to prevent seating congestion. It also involves the cost of additional staff, who serves you the plates and the meal. The buffet on the other hand is a much cheaper option. It does away with all these associated costs, but at the same time, lets your guests enjoy the meal.

•    Smart Menu Selection:
Select your menu in a way that saves you money without offending your guests’ taste. For example, if you must serve appetizers, go for cheese and cracker spread instead of bacon-wrapped scallops. Similarly, for desserts, include your wedding cake. If your cake is not large enough to serve every body present at the party, use sheet cake of the same flavor. Chocolate fountains (or even cheese fountains) are also a great dessert idea that fits easily in your budget. Use fresh fruit dippers for a classy treat – fruits are not only healthy, they also bring some exclusivity.  

•    Drinks and Alcohol:
While a bar at the wedding party adds that touch of classiness, it is quite expensive. It surely means that you pay heavily for your drinks. But not that just – this also means that the space you rent should be big enough to fit in your guests as well as the bar and hence, the rent is higher. It also means that you need to pay for the bartenders and servers. While this is something you really cannot avoid if you are planning to set a bar service, what you can do to save some money is, limit the bar timings. You can decide to close the bar down for a couple of hours during the dinner service – this will save you money significantly. Also, do not opt for an all-night open bar option. Neither go for a house or premium alcohol package – instead go for the regular and cheaper options.

Thus, how much you save depends on how well you plan, how firmly you stick to your budget and how well you can negotiate. But once you master these three principles, saving money on your wedding is just a game.

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How To Have An Affordable Wedding – Save Money Where You Can?