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North Indian Breakfast Menu

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North Indian Breakfast

North Indian breakfasts are a sumptuous, mouth watering fare that can be surprisingly heavy as well. It usually includes a carbohydrate laden flat bread along with a spicy vegetable, all washed down by a tall glass of lassi or diluted yogurt. Sweets, often in the form of the hugely popular jalebi or an Indian rice-pudding  is offered as well. The health conscious folks today do make it a point to include fresh fruits in their breakfasts too. Let us now take a look at some of the more popular items served for breakfast in North India.


  • Poori

    A rounded flatbread that is deep fried in vegetable oil or ghee(clarified butter) forms the mainstay of a North Indian breakfast usually.

  • Bhindi Bhujia

    Thinly sliced okras fried crisply with spices and onions are enjoyed all over North India as a simple breakfast dish.

  • Kheer

    This is the traditional rice pudding, prepared on auspicious occasions throughout India although it is also served as a breakfast dish. The addition of cardamom, cashews and raisins help in making the dish aromatic and different from the bland English rice pudding.

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North Indian Breakfast Menu