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Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes

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Nothing finishes off an authentic Bengali meal better than a delicious Bengali dessert. I am a complete fan of Bengali desserts! Bengali cuisine offers a nice variety of dessert recipes you can re-create in your own kitchen. The Bengali dessert recipe ideas which I am going to share with you now are representative of the wonderful desserts found in the homes and restaurants of Bengal.
The Bengali desserts are a wonderful blend of appetizing delights from roshogolla to scrumptious mishti doi and a wide variety of shondesh.

Bengalis are creative and love to try new things, which is why there are also plenty of authentic Bengali desserts with new flavors. Here’s a list of Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes and these are sure to tickle your taste buds.

Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes

1. Shondesh—
These are delicious, sweet, fluffy, and in fact so soft that these virtually melts inside your mouth. This Bengali Dessert is made from  finely ground fresh chhana (cottage cheese) along with other ingredients. Bengali dessert recipe

2. Roshogolla—These spongy white spheres are heavenly to taste. Roshogolla in all its variants is one of the most popular Bengali sweets.

3. Mihidana—The Bengalis enjoy this dessert during celebrations and festivities. It is made from gramflour or besan. These fine grain sized is sometimes formed into balls or cakes or served in the powdered form.

4. Pantua-- These are round fried cottage cheese balls and are golden or deep brown in color.  Langcha (cylindrical) and Ledikeni are the two variations of pantua.

5. Chomchom--This Bengali dessert is an oval-shaped sweet. It is reddish brown in color and has a denser texture than the roshogolla. It is sure to please anyone! Made with chenna and sugar sometimes granules of maoa or dried milk can also be sprinkled over chomchom.

6. PiÅ£ha or pithe—Pitha is made with rice or wheat flour mixed with sugar, jaggery, grated coconut etc. These Bengali desserts are paired with the sweet syrups of khejurer gur (date tree molasses). Pithas are either fried or steamed.  Bhapa piÅ£ha (steamed), pakan piÅ£ha (fried), and puli piÅ£ha (dumplings), chandrapuli, gokul, pati sapta, chitai piÅ£ha, muger puli and dudh puli are all popular Pitha variations.

7. Mishti Doi—Sweet yogurt is known as misti doi in Bengal. It tastes amazing and is also very simple to make. No celebration is complete without a bowl full of mishti doi in Bengal. I am sure Mishti Doi will addict you to it for life!

8. Aamer morobba—This Bengali dessert is made from preserved mango pulp. It comes with a unique taste and texture. If you want to try the magical morobbas make sure to visit Siuri, it is famous for this sweet.

9. Darbesh—It is sweetened boondi and somewhat similar to laddus from north Indian. But dorbesh is coarser in grainsize and much softer than laddus.

10. Chanar Jilipi – Chanar Jilipi has a complex spiral shape and is made from channa and sugar along with other ingredients.  I am a complete fan of this Bengali dessert!

Your family and friends will be bowled over by this delicious and rich magical flavor of these authentic Bengali desserts too. I think eating is not just a biological function. You got to enjoy this art! For my Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes visit Happy eating!

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Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes