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Top 8 Drinks & Cocktails Made With Pumpkin


top 10 drinks and cocktails made out of pumpkin - the Fall guideWith barren trees, and yellowed leaves welcoming the arrival of Fall, there is an orange delight found in the form of pumpkins. Although there are plenty of ways pumpkin can be used, have you ever tried using it in a cocktail?. Take a peek at the Top 8 Drinks & Cocktails Made Out Of Pumpkin!









Pumpkin cocktails or drinks chiefly comprise of ingredients such as pumpkin butter, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin syrup or pumpkin spice. So, if you want to whip up the brisk fall evenings with a bright-orange colored drink, we've compiled some great recipes for you to check out below!


Pumpkin cocktails


Calabitini : This pumpkin martini is tequila-based and is a real creamy cocktail dessert . With ingredients like Herradora reposado tequila, pumpkin syrup, and cinnamon, this cocktail is a festive way to finish your dinner!


Falling leaf fizz : The Falling Leaf Fizz makes itself remarkable in the top 8 cocktails and drinks made out of pumpkin. Here, grey goose vodka, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pie spice, dried apple chips and bubbles of sparkling wine make it a sweet bubbly treat!



Jack-O-Lantern Punch :  A typical signature Fall drink that is blended to a perfect taste. Here, Grand Reserve rum, lemon juice, apple juice, toasted pumpkin seeds, club soda, and fresh nutmeg are combined and served with apple slices for garnish.



Polished princess : Created by mixologist, Jonathan Pogash , the “Polished princess” is fruity as it makes use of both cranberry and pumpkin. A mild vanilla vodka with  cranberries, egg-white, pumpkin spice and a squeeze of lemon juice, this creamy cocktail adds the “icing on the cake” for your thanksgiving meal.



Pumpkin divine : A tantalizing martini making it to the “Top 8 drinks & cocktails made out of pumpkin”. A little bit of pear and apple with nutmeg, cloves, and pumpkin butter, in a vodka base, this cocktail makes it one of the best cocktails for Fall!



Pumpkin punch : Here the pairing between pumpkin and pear holds well in a vodka base. With pumpkin butter, cinnamon, sugar and apple chips to garnish, the combination once again wins hands down as a terrific Fall cocktail.



Pumpkin Martini : A drink, which has enjoyed unwavering patronage during the Fall, made from  “Sylk cream liqueur”, vanilla vodka, pumpkin spice syrup and whipped cream. This Martini is a heart-warmer.



Pumpkin Spice Martini : Slightly different from the Pumpkin martini, yet distinct, the drink has Modern Spirits Pumpkin pie vodka or Hirma Walker Pumkin spice liqueur, rye whiskey , egg white,  nutmeg and a combination of other liquers with nutmeg for garnish. This is a truly spicy Pumpkin Cocktail.


Top 8 Drinks & Cocktails Made Out of Pumpkin – The Fall Guide sets you to rub hands and dash off with a cocktail shaker that would fizz with all the bumble and spirit of Fall!

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Top 8 Drinks & Cocktails Made With Pumpkin