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Top 10 Coffee Cocktails

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Refreshing glass of Irish Coffee

Coffee lovers all over the world would definitely like to gather information on recipe ideas for coffee cocktails. Here I have collected exclusive recipes on top 10 coffee cocktails, which will certainly encourage them to drink more coffee in various ways.


Irish Coffee

It is one of the most popular recipes of hot coffee cocktail. Take strong black coffee and add sugar to mix with it. Now add heavy cream to fill up the coffee mug and on top put a dollop of freshly whipped Irish Cream.


Spanish Coffee

To prepare this you should mix a quarter cup of coffee liquor with three-fourth cup of brandy. Now pour this mixture into a snifter glass which is rimmed with sugar. Add freshly whipped cream on top to make it special.


Mexican Coffee

This type of coffee cocktail is made by mixing one part of tequila with one part of coffee liquor. Now pour this mixture in a cup and serve it with a topping of hot coffee liquor and freshly whipped cream.



It is another popular type of cold coffee cocktail liked by many coffee lovers. You need to mix equal part of coffee liquor, vodka and Irish cream to prepare the basic drink. Now blend vanilla ice cream with this mixture just before serving.


Jamaican Coffee

To prepare this simple cocktail, you should mix same part of coffee liquor with same part of rum and same part of brandy or cognac. Next you have to add hot coffee to this mixture. At many places this cocktail is served by igniting the alcoholic ingredients before pouring into the mug.


Iced Jamaican Coffee

The cold version of Jamaican Coffee is quite different from the hot version. First you need to prepare the blend by mixing one part of dark rum with one part of Tia Maria. Now take this mix to blend with 4 parts of cold coffee and three fourth part of heavy cream. Add cubes of ice while serving.


Amaretto Iced Coffee

You will need a blender machine to prepare this cocktail. Take 3 parts of cold coffee to blend with 1 part of milk, 3 parts of vanilla ice cream and one-fourth part of amaretto in the blending machine. For the flavor you may use few drops of almond extract and vanilla essence. Add crushed ice before serving to your guests.


White Russian

To prepare this popular coffee cocktail, you need to mix two parts of vodka with one part of coffee liquor. Now pour half and half on top of the drink and serve by adding crushed ice. 


Mint Capuccino Kicker

Use one part of chocolate liquor, one part of cappuccino liquor, one part of peppermint schnapps and one part of Irish cream, in a coffee mug one after another. Fill the remaining space with coffee and top with freshly whipped cream and chocolate shavings.


Coffee Chocolate Kiss

Combine one part of coffee liquor, one part of Irish cream with one teaspoon of crème de Cacao and one teaspoon of Grand Marnier in a coffee mug. Now pour around two teaspoons of chocolate syrup, before filling the remaining part with coffee. Stir well to serve. To give a special look add whipped cream and a cherry on top of it.


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Top 10 Coffee Cocktails