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How To Make Coconut Rice - The Varieties of Coconut Rice Around the World

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How to make coconut rice – this is a highly open ended question, for there are more than a hundred ways of making coconut rice. You see, coconut and rice are the staples of almost all tropical cuisines and these two ingredients when combined together make a delicacy like none other. 

Hence, instead of giving any one recipe for coconut rice, I am going to share my knowledge about all the popular varieties of coconut rice made around the world.                      


Narali Bhaat is the coconut rice variety from Maharashtra, India Narali Bhaat: The sweet coconut rice from the Deccan Plateau of India is traditionally prepared during the Hindu festival of Narali Purnima; however, those who like this dish may choose to make it on other days too. In Marathi, Naral=coconut and bhaat=rice. To prepare narali bhaat long grained basmati rice is cooked in milk. The cooked basmati rice is then mixed with a mixture of jaggery, coconut, and cardamom powder, and seasoned with ghee (clarified butter), fried dry fruits&nuts before serving.    


Kiri Bhat or coconut milk rice from Sri Lanka Kiri Bhat: This is coconut milk rice from Sri Lanka. The local Sri Lankan rice is cooked slowly with sticky coconut milk and imbued with cinnamon and cardamom. This rice can be made savory by adding salt or sweet by adding palm sugar. The sweet Kiri bhat is traditionally the first solid food given to an infant. The savory Kiri bhat is usually eaten with Pol Sambhal – a traditional coconut based curry.              


Arroz con coco - The coconut rice from Caribbean Islands.

Arroz con coco: This Caribbean delight is made by cooking rice in coconut milk combined with shredded coconut meat, salt, sugar, and raisins. This dish is typically served as a side dish along with traditional fritters in Caribbean nations like Venezuela, Columbia, and Panama.          



Thai coconut Rice is made using the the local Jasmine rice


Thai Coconut rice: In Thailand, the traditional coconut rice forms an interesting side dish for a number of entrees and curries. Thai Jasmine rice is used to prepare this dish. The rice is mixed with freshly extracted coconut milk, which may be flavored with chives, garlic, shallots, pandan leaves, or cilantro roots.       



These are just some of the popular coconut rice preparations made around the world. There are several more variations of coconut rice prepared throughout the tropical belt, do refer to this link for some easy to follow coconut rice recipes.                                                                                                                  

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How To Make Coconut Rice - The Varieties Of Coconut Rice Around The World