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Top 10 Indian Desserts

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With so many delectable Indian desserts around I can’t help having a sweet tooth addiction. Yes, I confess. I love Indian desserts all along. Don’t blame me! The mouth-watering variety of desserts available is too much to resist!

Indian dessert recipes
There are innumerable Indian dessert recipes. Here’s a list of Top 10 Indian Desserts. Try these. They are surely going to tickle your taste buds.

Top 10 Indian Desserts
1. Gajar Ka Halva— Gajar or carrots hardly ever feature on the dessert menu, but this Indian dessert recipe has changed all that and carrots take a well-deserved bow, with the help of a little sugar syrup and sultanas.  Gajar Ka Halva is commonly served warm or cold and is decorated with cardamoms and strips of varq (silver leaf).

2. Rasogolla—This Indian dessert is made from cottage cheese and is among the most popular sweets which are enjoyed by people all over the country.

3. Sandesh— Sandesh is made from sweetened, finely ground fresh cottage cheese. There can be various kinds of sandesh such as pista sandesh, mango sandesh, chocolate sandesh etc. It is a yummy milk based dessert 

4. Rice Payasam—The Indian variation on rice pudding, delicately flavored with sultanas and flaked almonds or pistachio nuts, is absolutely delightful.

5. Gulab Jamun-- Gulab Jamun is a is a hot favorite on any special occasion be it a birthday, wedding or festival. This melt-in-the-mouth dessert will surely satisfy the taste buds of your loved ones.

6. Badam Kheer—The ingredients are very simple, the preparation is simpler still, but something magical happens during the cooking time to turn this into a magical Indian dessert.

7. Coconut Barfi—There is nothing quite like the flavor of fresh coconut. Indians are good at imaginative milk puddings, and this one is no exception. The milk is slowly cooked till it becomes thick and lumpy, when it is flavored with almonds, coconut and crushed cardamoms.

8. Shrikand—The yogurt-based dessert looks as good as it tastes. Flavored with saffron and rosewater, it is sure to please your guests.

9. Besan Ladoo—Besan ladoo is a kind of round ball-shaped Indian dessert that is very popular among the Indians. In many household it is prepared during Diwali.

10. Kulfi—Blanched almonds combine with milk, double cream and rosewater to produce this unusually and impressive ice cream. It looks marvelous when garnished with rose petals.

These famous Indian desserts will make your mouth water. The recipes are easy. Want to try your hand at making these Top 10 Indian desserts at home? Check this out: This will lead you, step by step, through the creation and presentation of your masterpieces! Happy eating!

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Top 10 Indian Desserts