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Plan Some Indian Finger Foods For Your Party – The Rule Of Thumb Is Just To Bite Or Crunch , With Your Fingers

A party is full of surprises and the one which enthralls your guests, is bound to become an emblem of success hailing you as the awesome ‘party-host’. So here is a typical Indian party you are planning to organize and the onus is on deciding on the right cuisines – with a touch of novelty – how about planning some Indian finger foods for your party?
Plan some Indian finger foods for your party - finger-licking goodness, the indian wayFoods, which emanate the flavor of distinctness leave a lasting impression, just as a souvenir would remind you of a place. And that’s the way it is with finger foods especially when served in a party… these foods offer a novel way to eat (your fingers come into play instead of the conventional fork and spoon) and also there is a variety fare to choose from.

Since it’s an Indian style party, there is more to add to the variety fare. The rich diversity the Asian sub continent offers, welcomes you to  celebrate the confluence of cultural cuisines by presenting different finger foods.

Here are a few tips to plan some Indian finger foods for your party :-

•    Kebabs :  This is one dish, which will add ‘meat’ to your party. Kebabs are cubes of marinated meat, which are mounted on a skewer and grilled. Here again the most popular kebabs are reshmi kebab, which  is made out of chicken , served with mint chutney, shami kebab (pan-fried meat of beef or lamb)  galouti kebab( hailing from the awadhi cuisine   the kebab is made of minced lamb-meat). Now to give a breather for the vegetarians- there is the veg variety of kebabs, in which you have the harra-barra kebab (meaning green and fulsome made of spinach), paneer kebab made of cottage cheese, which is a lip-smacking appetizer.

•    Chicken tikka  :  Tikka translates to chunks or pieces, and chicken tikka is one grilled dish, which no Indian party fails to offer. Here the chicken-chunks are marinated with indigenous spices and grilled on skewers.

•    Samosa : This pocket-dish has become so popular that it has transcended cultures in its own avatar such as the Mexican/Spanish empanadas or the Cornish patties, the Indian samosa is a scrumptious food-item and thereby comes into the ‘to-include-menu-list’ of some Indian finger foods for your party

•    Bhajias : Made of vegetables or meat, coated with besan(gram-flour) batter and deep-fried , bhajias are similar to pakodas and make a great Indian finger food for your party. The tangy tamarind chutney (dip) or  mint-coriander chutney is a good accompaniment.

•    Bread Pakodas sandwich : Bread-halves with vegetable stuffing and coated with gram-flour batter and deep-fried - a deliciously crispy way to pep up the finger-foods arrangement for your party.

•    Sabudana(sago) Vada(patty):  Made of sago (potato and peanuts in the mix as well), this south-western Indian state of Maharashtria's delicacy is an unrivaled snack and tastes best with masala (spices) chai(tea)

•    Crisping your Chapppati(Indian bread) : You have a variety of naans(flat Indian bread, which can be made into any desirable shape), Bhakri(Gujrati bread-of western Indian origin)  and the regular chappatis which can be turned into crispies ( by deep-frying them). This is an innovative way to plan for some Indian finger foods for your party.

•    Poppadums : Made from a variety of ingredients, sago, lentils, rice  they act as good dippers with a wide range of chutneys to go with or even delivering a good crunch to your main course.

•    Drizzle with a mélange of dips : Dips or better called chutney in the Indian native tongue, the Indian finger foods, which you plan to include in your party gel well with most of the popular chutneys (mint-coriander), tamarind chutney and the onion chutney as well.

The tips mentioned above help you plan some Indian finger foods for your party so that your guest will not only remember your hospitality, but also the lingering flavor of  ‘finger-licking’ and lip-smacking goodies!


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Plan Some Indian Finger Foods For Your Party – The Rule Of Thumb Is Just To Bite Or Crunch , With Your Fingers