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Recipe Ideas For Tapas Party

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Spanish Omelet is one of the favorite recipes for any Tapas partyIt is always a great idea to throw a Spanish Tapas party – it is easy to prepare and host such a party. You just need to have some good recipe ideas for Tapas party and prepare at least 5 dishes and include some bottles of great Spanish wine, this is all you need to host a rocking Tapas party. If you are thinking about how to decide the Tapas party recipe ideas, here are some easy recipes just for you:


Spanish Omelet or Tortilla Espanola:

• This is thought to be the favorite of tapas parties.

• You can prepare it early in the morning and then refrigerate it until you serve it.

• Just before serving you need to warm it up.

• You can serve it by cutting each omelet in 3 inch squares and then place it on top of the bread.

Fried Squids:

• This is very quick and easy to make.

• You can buy frozen squids from supermarkets.

• You need to just slice these squids and then fry them.

• This tapa is normally cooked just before they are served. This ensures that it is fresh and hot.

Garlic shrimps:Garlic shrimps

• It is the most common recipe idea for Tapas parties.

• The shrimps have a lovely garlic flavor.

• You will love the expression of your guests, just after they make the first bite.

• It is an ideal recipe for garlic lovers.

Cheese, ham and chorizo with fresh bread:

• It is an excellent appetizer which is enjoyed by all.

• You do not have to put in lots of time to prepare it.

• It can even be prepared at the very last minute.

Spanish tropical salads:

• It can be a light finishing dish of the party.

• It has less quantity of fish and cheese making it very fresh and light.

• Guests love the taste of fresh lettuce and wonderful juice of different ingredients.

Grilled mussels Grilled mussels with chorizo:

• It is a perfect sizzling Spanish dish for Tapas parties.

• It tastes wonderful when eaten with sherry.

• You can add some marinated olives for additional taste.


• Your guests will love these fiery meat balls.

• Do not forget to serve the hot and spicy sauce with them.

Patatas Bravas:

• This is a very colorful dish.

• It is an authentic Tapas party dish which can be prepared easily.

• Serve it with fresh basils to enjoy it the most.

Last, but not the least any Tapas party is said to be incomplete until you serve the Spanish wines. You can choose different varieties of wines from different regions and serve them to your guests.


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Recipe Ideas For Tapas Party