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How to Improve School Lunches

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Studies have revealed that the school lunches still have some way to go in serving up the best quality meals to the students. In this blog, I will tell you the various ways on how to improve school lunches. Your kid may eat the perfect healthy meals at home, but when in school they may be exposed to different kinds of food choices which could be unhealthy. The school cafeterias and canteens usually have processed foods and fried items on offer, which have more unhealthy ingredients than good nutrition. So, as we can see there’s still enough room for improvement and this blog will tell you how to improve school lunches the most effective way. 

What the school canteens and cafeterias don’t offer

Before I tell you how to improve school lunches, I would like to put some light on the foods that the schools miss to add in their students’ lunch menu. Research has revealed most school meals have more than the requisite amount of salt in their meals. In many cases, the sodium level has been found to be twice the recommended levels. Another study has shown three-fourths of secondary schools and two-thirds of elementary schools offer lunches which do not meet the saturated fat standards. Again, a third of the schools provide whole milk to the students, while the pediatricians and dieticians recommend that children above 2 years of age should be given low-fat or non-fat milk only. Besides, most school cafeterias have no fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. 

Ways on improving school lunches 

Now that you have a clear idea of what the school lunches lack or have in excess, you can easily determine how to improve school lunches. Here are the various ways on how to improve school lunches –

Way 1: You can check your kid’s school lunch menu offerings and encourage him/her to make healthy food choices. 

Way 2: Alternately, you can have a word with the school principal regarding the school lunch issues and talk about your concerns. You may also make some suggestions regarding the inclusion of appealing yet healthy snacks and foods for kids. 

Way 3: You can even request the school to implement healthy eating programs to educate the kids on how to eat healthy meals. 

Way 4: If nothing works, you have to take the initiative and pack your kids healthy yet delicious lunch to school.

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How To Improve School Lunches