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Pleasure of winter with soup, tea and coffee.

     Now winter is going on. The season of winter starts from mid of                  November till mid of March. The end of December till mid of February is peak of winter season. My favorites season also is winter. There are many kinds of fruits; vegetables and nuts are available in markets in the season. Every body wants to keep warm their body by woolen cloths and by slp Foods of winter. Everybody like different type of menu have full of energy, soup and few Beverages are one of them.In winter different type of soups prepared and used with mostly menu.Chicken corn soup is more common among all type, yakhni is easiest formOf different type of soup.                                       A sip of hot tea or coffee gives us a pleasant feeing.I like most go to bed with a cup of tea or coffee.Tea is use by people more than three thousand years.There is a different kind of tea prepared and used all over the world.(1)  – Normal tea (2) – Gawa(Qahwa) (3) – Lemon tea  (4) – Kashmiri tea. There is few important factors in tea leevs.It use in all seasons but specially in winter the use of tea gives a warm and fresh effects to body and mind.It have few chemical factors. Its my observation when we return to home spl.winte with a exhausted

 body a bowl of soup, a cup of tea or coffee gives a fresh and warm feeling to body and mind and keep us energetic in winter.



                               A cup of hot espresso coffee.

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Pleasure Of Winter With Soup, Tea And Coffee.