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Top 10 Desserts From Around The World

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Popukar International Desserts

They are sinful, luscious and heavenly! What better way to take a gastronomic trip around the world than to sample an array of international desserts? The Top 10 International Desserts is sure to please your sweet tooth! Here’s my list of

Desserts From Around the World

1) Baklava: The quintessential Turkish dessert is not Turkish anymore. These sweet pastries are today eaten in homes and restaurants around the world.

2) Strawberries And Cream: Prepared with five basic ingredients: whipping cream, white sugar, sour cream, fresh strawberries and Amaretto liqueur (optional), strawberries and cream are one of the most popular international desserts around the world.

3) Kulfi: This flavored frozen dessert is a delight! It is prepared with milk, fresh fruits and dry fruits. Kulfi is very popular throughout South East Asia and the Middle East. It is somewhat similar to ice cream in taste, texture and preparation.

4) Crème Brûlée: It is a French delicacy.  It is one of the most popular International desserts has a rich custard base under the layer of caramel. Crème Brûlée can be eaten warm or cold. Flavors like like lemon, orange, rosemary, chocolate, liqueurs, fruits and ginger are among the most popular varieties of Kulfi available today.

5) Castle Pudding: It is a specialty of England. Castle pudding is commonly served warm with a strawberry jam topping.

6) Tiramisu: It is an Italian specialty. This international dessert light and airy, somewhat similar to light tapioca pudding. Tiramisu is made with eggs, mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, cream, liquor brandy, marsala, a little sugar, some rum, shaved chocolate or cocoa.

7) Caramel Apples: This traditional American dessert recipe is very easy to make and taste, oh so good!  To enjoy caramel apples all you need is a stock of fresh apples, on a stick and dip them in sweet caramel.

8) Halva: Halva is popular throughout the Middle East. It is a Persian variety of rose-scented halva, which is prepared with flour, sugar and butter, infused with the sweet fragrance of rosewater..

9) Passion Fruit Soufflé: This international dessert is light and airy and is prepared with very few ingredients like milk, vanilla bean, sugar, butter, all-purpose flour, eggs and passion fruit pulp.

10) Churros-- Churros are a Spanish specialty. They are sticks of soft dough, made with wheat flour and other ingredients. The crust is crispy but inside it is softer.  

Check recipes on and savor your very own homemade international desserts.


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Top 10 Desserts From Around The World