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Quick Indian Breakfast Menu

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Here I am posting a Indian Breakfast Menufor you.Try this breakfast menu and enjoy.

Indian Breakfast Menu:

1.Bread Pakora: Bread Pakora is a very common Indian snack .It is mostly used in the Indian Breakfast Menu.


2.Tea:Tea is a very popular hot beverage in India.


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India Chai is the perfect breakfast beverage. A cup of hot chai can be so relaxing yet refreshing.
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yeah , morning with the cup of tea ...a great way of starting the day.
Really it is a fantastic menu. It is my cook by me spl at Sunday morninig my inlaws like it very much. Fist time I got the racipe by a vendor near Kutub Minar.
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I love these. What are your favourite chai masalas? Recipe for these Breakfast Pakoras please! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Kindly send us 15 Days menu for Indian Breakfast
Quick Indian Breakfast Menu