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Most famous cusine in PAKISTAN

CIVILIZATION & HARITAGE HAVE ALWAYS INSPIRATION FOR PEOPLE. India and Pakistan have same culture.Although Pakistan have own culture & haritage. Pakistan stand the crossroad of the world. Where the culture of middle east and asia meet and become one.Here ancient history exerts a profound and mellowing influence over the in which technology and attitude of the late twentyeth centuryare taken up, interprated and used.Here a long ribbon of river unites disprate geographical futures, tying mountain and the sea and desserts to green and furtile plain. Although, its a part of Indain land scape so, here cultural similarities are mostly same.But a sizeable minorities of Pakistan are mountain people lived in the north of Pakistan, near Afganistan border, their courage dignity and independece run like brite threads through the fabric of national life. Just like,in food culture & cusines have no more differences in India & Pakistan. But some cusines & special dishes of Pakistan just like KARACHI's special " HALEEM" made by meat & some kind of grains BALOCHISTAN 's speciality is "SAJJI" made by mutton lamb or chicken. "CHAPLI KABABS" from PESHAWER and NORTHER AREA of PAKISTAN. .


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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
I want to know more about CHAPLI KABAB..........
Sure I will post about Chpli but some time required to arrange concern pic.
Hi, Ganesh ji. U want to know about Chapli kabab. Chpli kabab is a type of kabab. Mutton or chicken mince is basic ingredient. It is kabab but not BAR-B-Q, it is a shallow fry kabab, perpare add some other ingredients with mince. It is introduced all over PAKISTAN by PESHAWAR. It is speciality of Pathan,s( Pakhtoons) lived norther Pakistan. BAHRAIN ( a hill station of Northern Pakistan neare Peshawar) is famous for its unique Chapli kabab ,all over PAKISTAN. I will post the recipe with pic as soon as, will perpare at coming festaival BAQRAEID( EID-UL-ZOHA).
Snigdha's picture
I really like Haleem. It tastes so good.
Hi, Snigdha. I will post the recipe as soon as. Do u know it is specially prepare at the festival MOHARRAM coming later one month. In karachi used in daily menu mostly people likes too much.
Most Famous Cusine In PAKISTAN