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How To Make A Banana Smoothie – Banana Dessert

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We always run out of ideas while we are thinking about everyday dessert. If you learn how to make aMaking a delicious banana smoothie with added fruits and vanillabanana smoothie, you have the advantage of bringing in different variations to it – you can change its toppings, add choco-flakes and give a new look to the dessert any time you wish. Children are fond of smoothie and with banana smoothie you can include several fruits for their breakfast too.

Ingredients for banana smoothie:
• Sugar
• Banana
• Yoghurt or milk
• Vanilla
• Cinnamon
• Ice cubes
Step 1: Start the process by slicing all the bananas into small pieces.
Step 2: Once all the bananas are chopped you will have to wrap them in a greaseproof paper and keep them inside the freezer. Keep them for an hour.
Step 3: In this stage you will have to blend a few ingredients. Put yoghurt, honey or sugar and ice cubes in your blender and blend it very well.
Step 4: Now, add your chilled banana slices and vanilla in the blender and blend it with all other ingredients.
Step 5: Ensure that you get a creamy consistency – you can add some more banana or yoghurt to get a creamier consistency.
Pour the chill mixture in glasses. Your banana smoothie is ready to be served. 
Sumptuous chilled banana smoothie is ready to be served

Added flavor:
• To get some additional taste add sliced pineapples in this mixture.
• Add additional fruits like strawberries, apples or grapes.
• Add cocoa powder or chocolate chips on the smoothie.
• Add some flavored vanilla yoghurt.

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How To Make A Banana Smoothie – Banana Dessert