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How to soft-boil eggs? – For a soft, solid breakfast

Eggs, the indispensable food item for breakfast, find their way into many a dish. Their variants soft-boiled eggs or hard-boiled gain weightage in all aspects of health, nutrition and taste. How to soft-boil eggs, if you want your staple breakfast to simply melt into your mouth with oodles of health and goodness?

soft-boiling eggs, with timely cooking tips

True, hard-boiled eggs at times seem to hog the spotlight at the breakfast table, but soft-boiled eggs do daintily position themselves in an attractive spot, to be scooped up from many an egg-lover.

Eggs in their hard-cover shell wrap a mystery around them. The mass within: what will take form and shape, the texture to emerge – hard or soft, the temperature required for boiling and the boiling time clocked.

Does it sound like an experiment in a scientist’s lab? Well, isn’t cooking all about experimenting, testing (and tasting) and well, finalizing with one proof of a recipe? ‘Eureka’ echoes with the same fervour from the kitchen, for test-proven results of soft-boiled eggs.

Let us deliver with the same dedication or enthusiasm to the case-study on how to soft-boil eggs.  Eggs, as mentioned, are ‘delicacies’, which should be delicately handled. So before you get down to boiling your eggs, be ready with your timer. Your wall-clock won’t serve you as the 'old-reliable’ in this case.

With this you get set on your mission to learn how to soft-boil eggs:

• First and foremost, before getting into the preparation mode, ensure your eggs are at room temperature. If you refrigerate your eggs, make sure to keep them outside the fridge at least 4- 5 hours before boiling. This is a precaution against cracking.

• Take a saucepan, that’s not very large but just comfortably snuggles all the eggs. You don’t want to give much space to your eggs by allowing them to waddle away and crash. Fill the saucepan with water up to an inch high  and allow the water to boil.

• In this simmering pan of water, take a spoon and place the eggs one by one gently into the pan. Turn on your timer.

• After a minute, remove the pan from the stove and close it with a lid.

• Standing time of 6 minutes will yield an egg-white that is wobbly and a fairly liquid yolk, where as if you want your egg-white to be completely set, with a creamier yolk, you give it 7-minute standing time.

• Strain the water from the saucepan and replace it with cold water after you check the doneness of your egg.

How to soft-boil eggs may be an experiment in Science but flavoured with the bounty of nature and seasoned with your culinary expertise.

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How To Soft-boil Eggs? – For A Soft, Solid Breakfast