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Lunchbox ideas for office – A box full of ideas to chew

Packing lunch for office may not be your cup of tea, considering the morning rush hour and ‘on-your-toes’ chore-schedule. However, you can brace up for the task and buck with our “quick pack” lunch box ideas for office.

great lunchbox ideas for office

Taking lunch to office is a healthy practice and cost-effective at the same time. You not only have the goodness of home-cooked food at office but also refrain from shelling out unnecessarily for having lunch outside.

Here are a few scrumptious, healthy and stay-fresh-for-long lunchbox ideas for office, which would surely fit into your busy routine.

• Cottage cheese: Sprinkled with roasted walnuts or watermelon seeds make a yum and filling lunch.

• Hummus: Garnished with bell-pepper or scallion for nutritive, wholesome lunch.

• Raw veggie fingers: Veggies eaten raw are healthy and filling. So slice up veggies just like finger foods and coat it with tofu mayonnaise or side it up with sesame sauce.

• Sandwiches:  Can be termed as one of the best lunchbox ideas for office. You have a platter of sandwich stuffing to choose from, so that you enjoy variety, taste and health.

• Cheese cubes: Cheese cubes spruced with cheery tomatoes are an attractive and wholesome meal.

• Salads: ‘Quite Quick’ fillers and energy boosters, which can be flavored with olive oil or lemon, salads, are life-savers.

• Casseroles: Vegetable stew and casseroles are other lunch-fits that are easy to pack and carry.

• Carryovers for your lunch carrier: Your previous night leftovers can be elevated to the status of carryovers. If you plan to cook a bit extra for your dinner, you could store the excess, and carry it over for your next day’s lunch with just a bit of knowledge on the aspects about cold-storage of foods. Additionally you could also avail of the right carrier for the kind of food you want to carry and the degree of coldness or heat you want it to retain.

So, it is definitely not a cumbersome task to flip across to lunch-making with our lunchbox ideas for office. Just a bit of planning and you will be ready to zip it up to office!

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Lunchbox Ideas For Office – A Box Full Of Ideas To Chew