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The desert state of India – Rajasthan has so much life and colour in its cities, encircled by strong walls and dominated by massive awe inspiring forts. Travelling through cities is like turning pages of a book on Rajasthani history; its culture, heritage and exotic food is yet to be enjoyed by non- Rajasthanis. Try Rajasthani food- one will begin to realise the exciting dimension of Indian vegetarian cuisine. Marwaris, originally from Rajasthan, are from the Bania or business community and have settled all over the north. Their food often suggests the austerity of their desert motherland, specially in its ingredients, which are quite superb- they are strictly vegetarian, even to the point of refraining from the use of onions and garlic. Marwari kitchens are restricted territories. No one enters except a professional cook called a “Maharaja”. The food is not touched by anyone, not even by the hostess who dresses well in the Rajasthani ghagra and choli and covers her head. The Maharaja even takes care of service. The purity of the kitchen must pass directly from the pots to the thali. The thali consists of fresh ginger, radish, lime and green chillies as salad; one or two vegetables like brinjal kalonji, potato and cauliflower, tuwar dal flavoured with ghee, asafoetida, cumin and fenugreek seeds. Wheat is a staple diet and preparations vary from phulka, various parathas to “Bati” or dough balls baked on live coal typical to Rajasthan and also “Gulgulas”, sweet dumplings of dough. Dals are also favoured as they can be stored a year long and again have a whole range of preparations from “Mogar”, thick plain moong dal to “Dal ka Sheera”, a sweet cooked in a lot of ghee. Tastes are also extreme ranging from very hot (chillies) to very sweet and very sour (Kadhi with pakoras). Finally various sorts of achars are served along with vegetables prepared by dried vegetables and beans which can be used all year long.There are exotic non- vegetarian preparations where meat is marinated, encased in dough and buried in the sands and roasted live on coal. The popular dishes are:Safed maas, Lal maas, Achar gosht, Mookal pithode, Rajasthani murgh soola, Dal bati churma, Laapsi, Gatte ka saag, Khichadi, Channe ka saag, Dal Roti, Raabdi, Kachori, Baingan Boorani, Sookhi gobhi etc.

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