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Food for a Dinosaur Party for Kids

edible dinosaurOrdinary food items when renamed according to the theme, work great as foods for a dinosaur party for kids.  Pretzels turn into dinosaur bones and tater tots become dino eggs. If it a big scale party, the table can be divided into two halves one serving herbivores while the other serving carnivores. Listed below are some easy and nice dinosaur foods that will surely be a big hit amongst children.

Primordial Ooze Punch

Mix about 2 liters of green caffine-free soda with ½ gallon lime sherbet to make a delicious punch. Add pop rock candies or candied bones on the top, right before serving. The kids will love the drink.

Tyrannasaurus Rex Eggs

Crack the shells of hard boiled eggs. Make sure that you do not remove the cracked shells. Submerge the eggs in a container of colored fruit drink. Remove the eggs on the next day and remove their shells too. The drink will leave behind a marbled dinosaur egg effect.

Ice Age Popsicles

Take small cups of paper and fill them with any fruit juice that is light in color. Add gummy worms to the juice. Now, cover the cup with a plastic sheet and insert a Popsicle stick through this wrap. Freeze overnight. Remove the cups next day and serve these amazing frozen treats to the kids. 

volcano cake

Volcano Cake

A volcano cake becomes the centerpiece of the dinosaur party. Bundt cake can easily be transformed into a volcano cake. Make a square cake and one Bundt cake. Use chocolate frosting to frost the cake which is square in shape and place the Bundt cake on its top and frost again. Pour red icing on the top in a way that it seems like lava flowing from a volcano. 

Dino Egg Ice Cream

Dinosaur ice cream balls can be made in advance. Use any flavor of ice cream to scoop inside the balls, thereafter, rolling them in colorful sparkles. Place the rolled ball in a cupcake liner and allow it to refreeze. Delight the kids by serving it along with some volcano cake. 

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Food For A Dinosaur Party For Kids