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Top 10 International desserts

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A delicious-looking International Dessert Creme BruleeYou would think that the 'top 10 International desserts' would be enough to satisfy a sweet tooth in this world. Think again! Once you get a hang of what gastronomical delights are available to you in different countries of the world, you will not be able to stop yourself from embarking on a world tour, just to sample these sweet, sugary, creamy, delicious delicacies for yourself. 

So, before you are tempted enough to do so, let us take you on an impromptu journey of the dessert-world and tell you the most ‘refined, exotic and luxurious’ and, sometimes, too expensive, desserts that are available internationally today.

However, a word of caution! In bringing together this list of desserts from different parts of the world, we have tried to amalgamate the known with the unknown. Therefore, some of the dessert names will be familiar to you but some will not be. The key is to introduce you to new tastes in desserts while keeping the traditional flavor intact.

1) Strawberries And Cream: The quintessential British dessert is not British anymore. The English strawberries and rich, delicate cream are today eaten in homes and restaurants around the world. Made with five basic ingredients: whipping cream, white sugar, sour cream, fresh strawberries and Amaretto liqueur (optional), strawberries and cream are one of the most popular desserts around the world and they don’t cost a bomb as well!! Kulfi: The quintessential Indian dessert

2) Kulfi: This flavored frozen dessert made from milk, fresh fruits and dry fruits and is popular throughout South East Asia and the Middle East today. While similar to ice cream in taste, texture and preparation, Kulfi or Qulfi comes with an additional quality – it does not melt easily – therefore, can be enjoyed for a longer time. Flavors like pistachio, malai (cream), raspberry, saffron, almond, cardamom, mango, rose, are among the most popular varieties of Kulfi available today.

3) Poire belle Hélène: This classic French dessert means ‘Pears beautiful Helen’. It has sugar-poached pears dipped in chocolate syrup served with vanilla ice cream on the side. This dessert was first made in 1870 by renowned French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier and was named by Jacques Offenbach after the operetta La belle Hélène. Simple yet delicious, this dessert is quite easy to make.

4) Crème Brûlée: Again a French delicacy, Crème Brûlée means ‘burnt cream’, which is a reference to the hard top layer of caramel in this dish.  One of the most popular International desserts has a rich custard base under the layer of caramel. Crème Brûlée is traditionally served warm while in some parts of North America, it is also enjoyed cold. Apart from the traditional vanilla flavor, Crème Brûlée also comes in flavors like lemon, orange, rosemary, chocolate, liqueurs, fruits and ginger.

5) Passion Fruit Soufflé: This dessert is light-as-a-feather and comes with the fragrance of passion fruit and vanilla beans. Made with very few ingredients like milk, vanilla bean, sugar, butter, all-purpose flour, eggs and passion fruit pulp, this soufflé turns out well only when you follow the instructions to the T. A tip, however, while whipping the egg whites, scrupulously clean the utensils. Jacques Torres Chocolate

6) Jacques Torres Chocolate: After making a name for himself in the culinary world, celebrity chef Jacques Torres opened his own chocolate factory in Brooklyn in 2000, known as Jacques Torres Chocolates. These handmade chocolates are today one of the top 10 International desserts and are sold throughout the world today as retail, wholesale and Internet supplies. Apart from chocolate bars, assorted chocolate boxes, chocolate covered delicacies, this factory also sells hot chocolate and cookies and brownie mixes.

7) Sacher-Torte: The most famous cake in the world has been around for about 175 years now but the taste remains the same as ever. The original recipe of Sacher Torte is still a secret among chefs worldwide however the basic method is coating a thin layer of apricot jam with hand on a chocolate cake and then putting up chocolate icing over it. The cake tastes best when served with unsweetened whipped cream.

8) Caramel Apples: This traditional American dessert recipe is a treat to be enjoyed during autumn season, especially with children, running around in the Halloween spirit. Nothing could be simpler than making caramelized apples. All you need is a stock of fresh apples, on a stick and dip them in sweet caramel. To add a little flourish, the freshly caramelized apples can also be covered with chopped nuts or candies.

9) Halva: A popular sweet throughout the Middle East, we are talking here of the Persian rose-scented variety of halva, which is made out of flour, sugar and butter, infused with the sweet fragrance of rosewater. Other Middle Eastern varieties of Halva are available in tahini or semolina flour.

10) Lekach: This honey cake, spiced up with a variety of ingredients, is a symbolic food for Ashkenazi Jews and also a favored International dessert. It is prepared and eaten at the Rosh Hashana holiday, the Jewish New Year. The dense, loaf-shaped cake also comes in versions that are somewhat similar to the sponge cake and pound cake. With honey and spices in it, tea and coffee are used to give Lekach more color.


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Top 10 International Desserts