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How To Pick A Healthy Breakfast Bagel

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A healthy start to a new day.

Breakfast bagel

Picking a Healthy Breakfast Bagel is very important not only because breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, but also because a wrong Bagel can be as bad on your body as having a greasy start in the beginning of the day. 

One of the best ways to Pick a Healthy Breakfast Bagel is by making sure it is made of whole grains as whole-grain bagels are high on fibre content which helps in the process of digestion and metabolism. Choosing the right flavour also makes a huge difference. It is essential to avoid picking bagels which are high on sugar and calories, so bagel flavours like sesame and plain bagels. 

People often tend to have their bagels with butter or margarine spread generously over it. This is should be avoided as much as chocolate or sugar bagels should be kept aside. 

The size of the bagel also matters while picking a healthy breakfast Bagel as a bigger bagel might do more damage to the system than a smaller bagel would.

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How To Pick A Healthy Breakfast Bagel