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What would be a Healthy Balanced Menu?

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Balanced fish mealAs a Health practitioner I several times get asked how to plan a healthy balanced diet, well my answer is simple - do what your ancestors did before all the supermarket foods were not yet available... simple. But no, it ain't that simle either, here is a sample menu to help you understand what balanced menu is all about...




 one cup strawberries, one-half cup low fat cottage cheese with one tablespoon of sunflower seeds. One slice of whole grain toast.  




one small apple, eight walnuts, two ounces lean sliced chicken breast.   



three cups salad consisting of dark green lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes with two teaspoons of walnut oil, two ounce organic beef patty served on a whole grain roll.  


   Mid afternoon:


six ounces of tofu, one and one-half cups carrot sticks, one tablespoon of pumpkin seeds.  




one-half cup whole wheat spaghetti with one-forth cup organic marinara sauce and two ounces ground turkey. Two cups cooked green vegetables such as asparagus, spinach or broccoli drizzled with two teaspoons flax oil.  


      Evening Snack:


six whole grain crackers with one ounce sliced cheese and one small apple.



Special Tips:

                           1. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.


2                          2.Choose whole grain breads and cereals.









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What Would Be A Healthy Balanced Menu?