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Retro Frozen Treat with a New Attitude

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Back to the 80's only instead of soft ice cream it's healthy frozen yogurt with fresh fruits a Healthy Choice!


If your idea of frozen yogurt dates back to the 1980s, when the craze for sugary, low-fat ice cream imitators swept the nation's college campuses, it's time to reconsider healthy low fat low sugar frozen yogurt.

The updated version looks much the same as its predecessors: soft swirls rising invitingly in curly peaks from shallow cups. Remember Foster's Freeze? Yet the flavor of these new frozen yogurts are unexpectedly tart and refreshing, the texture light and silky and low or non-fat. Another "Healthy Choice".

I love non-fat Fage (Fah-Ye) Greek yogurt and Greek Style non-fat yogurt from Trader Joe's. I add some fresh berries and a little Splenda and I am in heaven. It seems so decadent-BUT it is healthy! WOW! Sometimes I do slightly freeze it, but this all the rage whipped healthy yogurt is simply perfection.


New hip-style edgey Frozen Yogurt Palors are popping up all over the San Francisco Bay Area in happy colours adorning the walls and counters, nd often with some great music to get you in the mood. These are ferfect new hang out spots-an alternative to our jva driven California culture.

Toss on some healthy breakast cereals and you have a whole new meaning to breakfast. Forget the icky gummy bears and sugar filled candies-this is California where many are health conscious.

One of the things I love about frozen yogurt it is easy to make at home in your ice cream maker. My favouite is to use Fat Free Goat's milk yogurt and any flavour or colouring desired.

It is said this latest American frozen yogurt trend is attributed to a happening place in West Hollywood called Pinkberry after their namesake, their popular cranberry "boingey" yogurt. Customers in typical Hollywood style began calling the lightly sweet, slightly sour, non-fat frozen treat "crackberry" for its addictive character.

But I am not so sure that Pinkberry was the first with reviving this 80's treat, as Sadaf Brand introduced their Pomegranate yogurt about three years ago at the San Francisco International Food Show and I for one was hooked big time.

Today there are some two dozen Pinkberry locations and numerous other shops serving the new style treat in Southern California, including the Red Mango chain from South Korea, where sour frozen yogurt debuted in 2004. Pinkberry has opened four shops in New York in the past year.

The Bay Area, usually in the fore-front of food fads, didn't pick up on the trend until this spring. Since May, however, at least five independent shops specializing in the fresher tasting frozen yogurt have opened from Scotts Valley to San Francisco. Each jealously safeguards its recipe, but all serve a fresh-tasting, light-textured version with a nicely tart edge. Some are non-fat, others merely low-fat. All cite the virtues of the live yogurt cultures in their products.

This tart-style yogurt sort of lemon-citrus-on-steroids is not for everyone. Some feel it's too sour, but if you love lemon and tart things this taste craze is for you, and wow! it's a Healthy Choice.

Secrecy seems to be endemic among the yogurt shops. No one is willing to disclose trade secrets in case they have the next big thing on their hands. So get busy and create your own "secret recipe" for frozen yogurt.

My favourite flavours and colours so far are strawberry-Rhubarb a soft pink colour, and Purple Plum. Also avocado is yummy and so pretty!



To help you on your journey in the kitchen I suggest picking up a copy of "The Perfect Scoop" (Ten Speed Press, 246 pp., $24.95). You won't get the soft-serve texture of the commercial product from your home ice cream machine, but the flavor is bright and refreshing. However, we often make gelato in our Simac Gelato maker and I am hard pressed to feel the mouth difference in this yummy frozen in my kitchen Gelateria than the Yogurt Shop made frozen yogurt.

My favourite right now is a Black Jack Fig Frozen Yogourt. Fig source=my tree.

It's a snap to make. Just remember to use the best quality commercial yogurt you can find as the base.

Be sure to share the flavours and colours you invent with other iFood.TV members!!

I think a wine flavoured frozen yogurt is in my to the kitchen.....Late Harvest Zinfandel Frozen Yogurt-just imagine the gorgeous colour......

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Retro Frozen Treat With A New Attitude