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An Overview of South American Cuisine

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South American Cuisine Overview
South America is a land replete with traditions and intense flavors. The cuisine of this continent greatly varies depending on the country but there is a very unique south American touch in all of them. Here's a video celebrating the delicious and captivating South American cuisine.

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Beautiful music and photos. n Now we need the recipes! I am guessing much of the scenery was from Chile i.e. Pantagonia cruise.'s picture
Great food displays and cool music too!! Chris
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Beautiful and delicious looking! With Regards, Admin
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It's all about the presentation
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You've got that right Ginny - you eat with your eyes before your mouth...
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Yes I also agree with Ginny69 that presentation will sell just about anything in almost any circumstance!
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Plating is as important as the taste! Colour is of the utmost importance, as well as balance on the plate. The plate is your palette to please the palate.
An Overview Of South American Cuisine Video, South American Cuisine Overview