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Brik, also known as Brick or Breek, is a famous Tunisian specialty. It is a deep-fried thin warka pastry which has a filling around it. The most popular of all the brik recipes is egg brik, which consists of an egg cooked to form a triangular pastry pocket filled with finely chopped onion, harissa, parsley and tuna.

Brik Recipe: Ingredients and Method of Preparation

Brik pastry, locally known as malsouqa or Warka, is prepared by placing a sticky chunk of dough on the surface of a hot non-stick pan in overlapping circles till it attains the preferred size. It is cooked, mostly deep-fried, for at least a minute. Tuna, cheese, ground meat, chicken or anchovies dressed up using fried egg and harissa, chopped boiled egg and capers form the most typical fillings. A brik is light, airy, crackling, splintering and crisp in the mouth.

When preparing brik pastry, it must be borne in mind that the meat filling should be prepared before frying the sheets. This is because the sheets are browned very fast in oil and in no way one can cook raw meat filling as soon as the sheet becomes golden brown.

Popular Brik Pastry Recipes

Malsouka- It is the most common of all the brik recipes. It includes a large amount of Harissa filling in its preparation. It is best served with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Brik Dannouni- this dish has a filling of lamb and cheese.

Potato Briks with olives and capers- This recipe is of a savory version of the brik pastry, which, as the name suggests, mainly includes a filling of capers and olives.


According to the Tunisian tradition, the mother of the bride-to-be prepares a brik for the prospective bridegroom. In case the bridegroom ends up eating it without tipping off the egg yolk around, he is allowed to marry the bride.