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Kreatopita Spicy Meat Stuffed Appetizers

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  Unsalted butter 2 Tablespoon (1/4 Stick)
  Green onions 5 , chopped
  Garlic 5 Clove (25 gm), minced
  Ground meat 1 1⁄4 Pound (Freshly Ground Meat, Lean Beef Or Lamb, Turkey Or Pork Sausage, Alone Or In Combination)
  Red wine 2⁄3 Cup (10.67 tbs)
  Minced fresh parsley 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Canned tomato sauce 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Dried oregano 1 Tablespoon, crumbled
  Dried basil 1 Tablespoon, crumbled
  Dried rosemary 2 Teaspoon, crumbled
  Chili powder 1⁄2 Teaspoon
  Curry powder 1 Teaspoon
  Onion 1⁄2 Medium, chopped
  Freshly grated parmesan cheese 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Egg 1 , lightly beaten
  Phyllo pastry sheets 1⁄2 Pound (12 Pastry Sheets)
  Unsalted butter 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs), melted with 1/2 cup olive oil (1 Stick Butter)
  Olive oil 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs) (To Melt Butter With)
  Sesame seed 2 Teaspoon

Melt 2 tablespoons butter in large skillet over medium heat.
Add half of chopped green onion and half of minced garlic and saute 3 to 4 minutes.
Stir in ground meat and cook until no longer pink.
Pour in all but 2 tablespoons wine and simmer 2 to 3 minutes.
Reduce heat to medium-low, add 1/4 cup parsley, tomato sauce, oregano, basil, rosemary and chili powder and simmer 15 minutes.
Drain any fat from meat.
Blend in remaining green onion, garlic, parsley and red wine.
Stir in curry powder and chopped onion.
Let cool.
Mix in Parmesan and beaten egg.
Set aside.
Stack phyllo on work surface.
Cut lengthwise into thirds; stack again.
Cover phyllo with waxed paper and damp towel to prevent drying.
Remove top strip of phyllo and brush with butter mixture.
With short end in front of you, fold long sides into center to form strip approximately 11x2 inches.
Place 1 teaspoon meat filling at bottom end.
Fold pastry strip up over filling so bottom edge meets left edge, forming a triangle.
Continue folding back at right angles to make triangular shape, tucking in any remaining phyllo at end.
Repeat procedure with remaining phyllo and filling.
Preheat oven to 350°F.
Generously butter baking sheet.
Arrange phyllo triangles on sheet.
Brush generously with butter mixture and sprinkle with sesame seed.
Bake triangles 1 sheet at a time, brushing once with butter mixture halfway through baking time, until crisp and golden, 25 to 30 minutes.
Transfer to large platter.
Serve hot.

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Kreatopita Spicy Meat Stuffed Appetizers Recipe