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Frog Legs

Frog legs are popularly consumed in France and some parts of China. They are also popular in other parts of Europe and Asia. The meat is normally extracted from a typical frog known as the edible frog. They are often mistaken for a chicken due to their mild flavor and appear like chicken wings. The frogs used for food preparation are commercially cultivated for the purpose. Unlike the chicken ,the frog flesh can twitch on heating due to the absence of a muscle called rigor mortis.

History of Frog Leg As a Food
According to historical anecdotes the Chinese were the first ones on Earth to eat the legs of frogs during the first century AD. It is believed that Aztecs were also fond of this food item. But there was no mention of this uncommon food ingredient until 12th century. It is believed that some dish using the leg of frog was cooked around Catholic Church of France. It is believed that the French Catholic monks started the tradition of eating the leg part of the frog as a food. Owing to the issue of increasing number of obese monks the church issued orders for the monks to stay away from the meats on certain days. The monks started eating frog legs by disguising it as a fish. The peasants followed the tradition and thus it became a national delicacy in France.

In 1600’s Alexander Dumas in his famous work Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine mentioned that a man from his region known by the name Simon made huge fortune by selling the frogs across the top restaurants of Paris. The frog also became a national delicacy of Britain for a brief time during the turn of the century. Famous French Chef Auguste Escoiffer served the dish prepared from frog legs at a dinner ball organized in honor of the Prince of Wales at the Savoy Hotel in 1908.

Popular Frog Leg Recipes

  • Sweekee: This is a popular soup of Indonesian origin and the preparation is completed by using the legs of frogs. The soup is marked with strong flavors of fermented soy paste, gingers and garlic, and is mostly served after garnishing with parsley leaves or celery.

  • Stew: The legs of frogs are added to the tomato stew prepared by the Italians to spread over the pasta. This stew as introduced to America by Tuscans.

  • Zabji Kraki: This is a Slovenian Frog legs soup which is favorably consumed in the eastern part of the country. In modern times they are traditionally consumed as Lent food and is also served at the spring food fests. They are famously served in most of the restaurants across Slovenia.

  • Thighs of the Dawn Nymphs: This is a popular French delicacy involving the legs of frogs. It was served for the first time in honor of Prince of Wales in 1908. This frog legs delicacy is cooked with aromatic herbs and flavored with colored paprika, and covered with chicken jelly.