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Fox Meat

Fox meat is acquired from wild fox. Foxes live wild around the world and they are hunted as pests by farmers while others kill them as game or for sport. It is not common to consume the hunted meat as hunters tend to use the meat as animal feed The pelt of the animal is much more valuable as compared to the meat. However, a few cultures do use fox meat as an infrequent food source.

Popular Fox Meat Recipes

  • A very famous recipe is listed Fergus Drennan on his Wild Man Wild Food website. This recipe prepares fox by pan-boiling it. The onions are sautéed in olive oil along with bay leaves, all spice, salt, pepper, lemon and carrots. The brined meat is then added to the pan and cooked. Courgettes are added to the dish and allowed to cook through. Well beaten eggs are added to the dish to thicken it in the last few minutes of the cooking process.
  • Slow-cooking the fox meat in a casserole is also the easiest way to cook the meat. The meat is cut into small pieces and it is then cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices.

Preferable Cooking Methods for Fox Meat

Fox meat can be quite tough and gamey. According to sources, the meat also produces a strong unpleasant odor during the cooking process. Traditionally, the meat was soaked overnight in running water stream to wash away the odor and to soften it. Gourmets suggest soaking the meat in a salt and vinegar solution overnight to achieve the same effect. The brining procedure will soften the meat and add flavor too. The brine solution is made by mixing one cup of water with one tablespoon of salt and the meat is soaked in it overnight. Apple cider vinegar is also added to the meat during the cooking process to tenderize the meat. Spices and herbs like rosemary, thyme and dill can be added to the water to add flavor.


Fox meat appears infrequently in local UK butcher's shops. For example, the JM Danslow butcher shop in Gravesend, Kent now retails fox rump meat for sale. According to locals, the meat has a minty flavor but it is quite tough. This fox meat is imported from farm-reared foxes in Denmark and Sweden.