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Donkey Meat

Donkey meat is the culinary term for the flesh of donkey which is used as an ingredient in many dishes. Donkeys are usually raised for milk or meat. The consumption of donkey meat is common in Europe and China.

Donkey burger is a hot sandwich popular in Chinese cuisine, which make use of the meat of donkey as the stuffing for this spicy and delicious sandwich.

In Beijing, the meat of donkey is offered in many restaurants including the small and big ones. Lorou Huoscho, is yet another dish made by donkey meat, which is immensely popular in China.

History of Donkey Meat

The meat of donkey is said to have been first consumed in Hubei Province in China. The meat is popular in this place since last 300 years. As per the legend, Prince Zhu Di of Ming dynasty fought a war against the then emperor. He lost the war and a shortage of food occurred in his army. At that time, his men served him the bread rolls containing the stuffing of horse meat. These bread rolls slowly gained popularity but due to the increased price of horsemeat, donkey meat was used for stuffing.

Method of Cooking Donkey Meat

Donkey meat tastes best when slow-cooked. Soy sauce along with plenty of seasonings is commonly used for cooking the meat. The meat of donkey in China is cooked from eight to twenty four hours. Slow-cooking not only adds flavor to the meat but also helps in retaining the color and tenderness of the meat. Once cooked, the meat is either used as shredded or as a stuffing.

Nutritional Facts of Donkey Meat

Donkey meat is a rich source of protein and it contains the highest amount of protien when compared to mutton, pork, beef and chicken. Also, the meat derived from donkey provides the body with both essential and non-essential amino acids. These proteins help in proper growth and functioning of body. The iron, calcium and phosphorus content of donkey meat is also very high.

Popular Donkey Meat Recipes

  • Donkey’s Three Treasures- It is a popular Chinese dish made of donkey meat. The dish is usually prepared with the penis, kidneys and testicles of donkey.
  • Lurou huoshao- This donkey meat recipe refers to baked flour cake with stuffing of donkey meat. These cakes are crispy both from outside and within, and consist of braised donkey meat combined with green pepper and coriander. Lurou huoshao is usually served at breakfast along with millet congee.


  • Ejia is a traditional Chinese Medicine made with donkey skin. This medicine is popular among Chinese women as it is considered to be helpful in beautifying the skin by improving blood circulation.
  • “The sky dragon meat, ground Donkey” is a popular Chinese saying which means that since there are no dragons on earth for consumption, donkey meat is the second best thing to consume due to its delicious taste and rich nutrition.