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Xocopili Quail

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  Canola oil 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Oranges 2 , quartered
  Apples 2 , quartered
  Garlic head 1 , halved lengthwise
  Onions 2 , cut into eights
  Carrots 2 , peeled and sliced 1/inch thick
  Celery stalks 2 , sliced 1/inch thick
  Tomato paste 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Bay leaves 2
  Peppercorns 10
  Thyme sprigs 15
  Madras curry powder 1 Tablespoon
  Paprika 1 Tablespoon
  Port 2 Bottle (2 l)
  Rioja 2 Bottle (2 l)
  Roasted duck stock 2 Quart
  Veal stock 2 Quart
  Chocolate 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs) (Xocopili)
  Dried figs 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs)
  Port 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Butter 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Olive oil 3 Tablespoon
  Garlic cloves 3 , sliced
  Corn kernels 2 1⁄2 Cup (40 tbs)
  Red bell peppers 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), stem and seeds discarded, diced
  Yellow bell peppers 1 Cup (16 tbs), stem and seeds discarded, diced
  Chopped chives 2 Tablespoon
  Red onion 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), diced
  Fennel 1 1⁄2 Cup (24 tbs), diced
  Toasted unsalted pistachios 1 3⁄4 Cup (28 tbs), roughly chopped
  Chorizo 1 Cup (16 tbs) (Cooked)
  Foie gras 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs), cut into 0.5 inch thick pieces, seared, then cut into medium dice
  Roasted garlic oil 1 Tablespoon
  Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm), minced
  Diced onion 1 Tablespoon
  Guava paste 7 Ounce, chopped
  Water 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Soya sauce 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Pureed chipotles en adobo 2 Tablespoon
  Ketchup 3 Cup (48 tbs)
  Spanish sherry vinegar 3 Tablespoon
  Kosher salt To Taste
  Quails 6 (Breast And Backs De-Boned)
  Canola oil 3 Tablespoon
  Unsalted butter 3 Tablespoon
  Duck confit 2 Cup (32 tbs), pulled
  Parsley 1 Tablespoon, chopped
  Chives 1 Tablespoon, chopped
  Thyme 1 Teaspoon, chopped

For the Xocopili Jus:
Caramelize the oranges, apples, garlic, onions, carrots and celery. Add tomato paste, aromatics and spices, and let cook for another 5 minutes. Deglaze with wines and reduce 75%. Add stocks and reduce, constantly skimming until it reaches sauce consistency. Strain through a chinois and finish by stirring in chocolate. Strain again and reserve.

For the Cornbread Stuffing:
Soak the figs in the port for about an hour. Heat a large skillet and add 2 Tablespoons each of the butter and olive oil. When the butter has melted add the corn and bell peppers. Season with salt, pepper and chives and allow to cook on moderately high heat until the vegetables are lightly caramelized (about 8 – 10 minutes). Put them with the cornbread in a large bowl. Put the rest of the butter and olive oil in the skillet. When the butter melts add the onion and fennel, season with salt and pepper and caramelize. Add this, the chorizo and foie gras to the cornbread. Drain the port off the figs into the skillet and reduce to a consistency thick enough to coat the currants. Now coat them. Add the pistachios and currants and “rub” in the miso. Toss all together. Re-Season to taste and set aside.

For the Guava Chipotle Glaze:
In a small saucepan heat the Roasted Garlic Oil over medium heat.
Add the garlic and onion and cook for one minute. Reduce the heat to low and add the guava paste and water and stir until the paste is dissolved. Stir in the soy sauce, chipotle puree, vinegar and salt and pepper.
Let cool. Use as desired.

To Assemble and Serve:
Preheat oven to 400 F. Stuff quails with Cornbread Stuffing and tie. Heat up a couple sauté pans. Add canola oil, when it is lightly smoking place quails in pans. Add butter and brown quails in all sides. Place quails on a parchment paper lined sheet pan. Using a brush, paint quails with Guava Chipotle Glaze and finish them in the oven until they are cooked through (5-7 minutes). Rest for 5 minutes and untie. In the meantime, heat up the duck confit in a small saucepan. Add ¾ cup of the Xocopili Duck Jus, mix well and finish with herbs. To plate, place a tablespoon of Xocopili Duck Jus on the center of the plates, add about three tablespoons duck confit in the center of the sauce. Place quail on top of the duck confit and serve

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Bit Difficult
Preparation Time: 
60 Minutes
Cook Time: 
60 Minutes
Ready In: 
120 Minutes
Xocopili Quail

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Nutrition Rank

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 1330 Calories from Fat 502

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 56 g86.3%

Saturated Fat 14.1 g70.3%

Trans Fat 0.5 g

Cholesterol 179.2 mg59.7%

Sodium 1866.2 mg77.8%

Total Carbohydrates 114 g37.9%

Dietary Fiber 22 g87.9%

Sugars 43.8 g

Protein 50 g99.8%

Vitamin A 121.1% Vitamin C 145.5%

Calcium 31.4% Iron 69.4%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


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