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Organic Marshmallows

Organic marshmallows are made from all-natural, non-synthetic and non-treated ingredients. Typically, the confection is made from corn syrup or sugar, water and gelatin. Artificial flavor and color is often added to the preparation and sometimes, eggs are an important ingredient. When making the organic version, the traditional ingredients are replaced with more natural and healthy ones

In its traditional form, a marshmallow is not the healthiest food. It is typically high calorie and has high fat and sugar contents. The organic version, however, is largely considered much healthier. There are absolutely no traces of any artificial additions and the marshmallow is low in sugar, fat and calorie contents. Also, organically prepared marshmallows are no different from traditional ones as far as taste and texture are considered and these factors make the organic product hugely popular.

Organic Marshmallows: Ingredients Used in Preparation

In a traditional marshmallow, gelatin, sugar or corn syrup, artificial colors and artificial flavors are used. In the organic version, however, corn syrup is replaced with the syrup of a sweet root, mostly beet root, and sugar is substituted with natural brown sugar which is in its raw form. In addition, artificial colors are not added and the marshmallows are imparted hues with natural fruits and vegetables; for example, dye is not used to give a marshmallow a pink hue, carrots or pomegranate might be used instead.

If the use of eggs or milk is required, organic versions of these are added to ensure that the preparation stays all natural. The end-product is healthier, without any artificial flavors, sweeteners, genetic modifications and unwated hormones. The organic variety contains less calories and fat.

Culinary Uses of Marshmallows made with Organic Ingredients

There is little or no difference in the flavor and texture of organic marshmallows and this makes them an easy substitute for traditionally manufactured marshmallows. The facts that the organic version is no different from the traditional product coupled with the fact that the former is much healthier, makes it extremely popular. The marshmallows are used in a wide array of confectionary items, desserts and beverages, particularly hot chocolate and smoothies. These are also a popular snacking item.

Buying Organically Processed Marshmallows

Marshmallows made from organic ingredients are available for purchase online as well as in marked stores and through special sellers. Although it is not difficult to find the organic variant in stores, it is important to ensure that the product being purchased is not counterfeit. Manufacturers and processors of the product strongly recommend buying only from trusted and certified seller. It is always best to buy directly from the manufacturers and most reputed companies sell their organic marshmallows through their official websites.