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Meat Marinade

Marinade meat is any kind of meat that is marinated before cooking. Marinade gives a nice flavor to the meat and it also tenderizes the meat. Marinade meat is usually moist as compared to the meat that is not marinade. Marinade ingredients depend upon the recipe of the dish and the type of meat used. Also the duration for marinade should be set according to the kind of meat like chicken requires less marinade time as compared to beef and lamb. Marinating meat is a very important task in making any kind of meat dish and it should be done perfectly.

Main ingredients for marinade meat are salt, vinegar, lime juice, yogurt, black pepper, ginger-garlic paste and wine as an optional ingredient.

How to Marinate Meat?

These simple guidelines make a flavorful marinade meat.

• It is recommended to trim the excess fat from the meat before marinating as it would be difficult to trim the marinade meat.

• Steaks should be pounded before marinating and other meats can be slit for the proper infusion of spices. •

The marinade ingredients should be mixed in correct proportion in order to make a tasty marinade meat.

• Wine, lime and vinegar are the marinade ingredients that decides how longer the meat should be marinated.

• Marinade meat should not be kept in any metal, aluminum and cast iron container as marinade may react to the metal and damage the meat. If possible, keep the marinade meat in a sealable plastic bag and ensure the proper coating of meat in marinade.

• Never marinate meat in room temperature and immediately keep the marinade meat in refrigerator.

• Marinade meat should not be kept in refrigerator for more than 24 hours as it toughens the meat.

• Marinade meat should be treated like any raw meat while cooking and remaining marinade can be discarded if not suitable for any other purpose.

Easy marinade meat recipes Steak marinade with ginger and rum is a Caribbean style marinade. Roasted garlic marinade is made by roasting the garlic to give a smoky flavor to the marinade meat. Mexican style marinade and sweet oriental marinade are also some of the popular marinade meat recipes popular in global cuisines.