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Boiled Lobsters

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Plunge the live lobsters head downward into boiling water to cover.
Add 1 tbsp salt, cover the kettle, and boil 25 min.
Then remove the lobsters, lay them on their claws to drain and wipe them dry.
To remove the meat break off all claws; then separate the tail from the body at the joint where they come together.
Holding the tail in the left hand with the hard-shell side next to the hand, cut with scissors a single slit through the center the entire length of the tail.
Break away the flesh from the tail and remove it in one large piece.
Run a sharp knife lengthwise through the center of the tail piece of flesh and remove the intestinal tract which is embedded in it.
Then hold the body shell firmly in the left hand and with the first two fingers and the thumb of the right hand draw out the body, leaving in the shell the stomach, which is not edible, and also some of the green part, which is liver.
The sides of the body itself are covered with the lungs, which are discarded.
Break the body in several pieces and pick out the flesh surrounding the bones in the bony part of the body.
The coral substance, which is the roe of the lobster, is used as a garnish.

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Boiled Lobsters Recipe