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Deviled Seafood Loaf

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  Deviled eggs 6
  Canned salmon 1 Pound (1 can)
  Canned solid packed tuna 14 Ounce, drained (2 cans, 7 ounce each)
  Soft stale bread crumbs 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Lemon juice 2 Tablespoon
  Salt 3⁄4 Teaspoon
  White pepper 1⁄4 Teaspoon
  Finely diced sweet gherkins/Well drained cucumber relish 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Diced pimento 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
  Eggs 3 , beaten
  Milk/Chicken broth 1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
  Mayonnaise 1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)

Oil a straight-sided 10 l/4"x 3 3/4"x 2 1/2" loaf pan or pans that will hold 7 cups.
Hard-cook and devil the eggs in your favorite way, but moisten the mashed egg yolks sparingly so the finished loaf will slice more neatly.
Devil 5 eggs for 1 large loaf and 6 for 2 smaller loaves.
Press egg halves together, and refrigerate.
Empty salmon and juice into a large bowl, and lift out dark bits of skin.
Mash bones against the side of the bowl.
Add drained tuna.
Break up and flake smoothly with the fingertips.
Stir in remaining ingredients.
Spread 1/2 the seafood mixture evenly in the bottom of the pan, and depress the center with the back of a spoon.
Arrange deviled eggs end to end in the trough, and cover with remaining mixture.
Set pan or pans in large container of hot water, and bake at 350°F., allowing 1 1/2 hours for 1 pan and 1-11/4 hours for smaller pans.
Cool loaf quickly in ice water; then refrigerate until cold, and unmold.
Garnish with cooked shrimp, smoked oysters, sardines, anchovies, sliced olives, lemon wedges.
Makes 20 1/2-inch slices.

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Deviled Seafood Loaf Recipe