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Drambuie is a golden colored liquor made from malt whiskey, heather honey and a number of herbs and spices. The actual ingredients especially the identity of the herbs remain a secret although the flavor of the Drambuie hints at the use of saffron, nutmeg and anise. The alcohol content of the drambuie is believed to be 40% or 80 proof. The liqueur is manufactured in the Broxburn region of West Lothian, Scotland. It can be consumed neat at room temperatures or served on the rocks. The Drambuie is also an important ingredient of cocktails particularly the rusty nail drink. The single premium cask of the drink was launched in 2009 which went on to win an award for the ‘Best Travel Retail Drinks Launch’ at the TFWA, Cannes.

History Of The Drambuie Recipe

The name of Drambuie is believed to have been derived from the Scottish Gaelic word dram buidheach which means the drink that satisfies. It could also have originated from the word dram buidhe which is a term of yellow drink. A popular legend refers to the first Drambuie recipe being given as a reward to Captain John MacKinnon by the Prince Charles Edward Stuart for offering him shelter after the Battle of Culloden. The Drambuie recipe was then passed on to James Ross in the 19th century who improved it substantially. His widow sold the Drambuie recipe to yet another MacKinnon family in the next century. It is this family who have been engaged in the production of the Drambuie ever since. The Drambuie recipe was used to make the liqueur commercially in 1910 in Edinburgh with only a dozen cases being sold. It gained entry into the House of Lords in 1916 and was soon transported across the world for the British soldiers. The makers of Drambuie began advertising in 1980 and a new bottle of the liqueur was launched to mark the 100th year of the drink in 2010.

Ingredients And Popular Drambuie Recipes

The honey flavored Drambuie is in a number of cocktail recipes. Some of the most popular ones are:-

• Rusty Nail- A combination of Scotch whiskey and the liqueur served with a twist of lemon.

• Flaming drambuie- An interesting way of drinking the liqueur by setting it alight after it has been coated to the glass by twirling around.

• Espresso Martini- A combination of the liqueur with crème de cacao and espresso.

• Bobby Burns- A mixture of sweet vermouth, scotch whiskey and the liqueur served chilled.

• Black Tartan- A fiery combination of Johnny Walker and Irish whiskey together with the liqueur and a good amount of Kahlua. Usually served on the rocks.

Nutritional Facts Of Drambuie

An energy giving drink, this honey flavored sweet and spicy liqueur contains some carbohydrates with absolutely no fat or protein. Consuming the liqueur is a traditional way of keeping warm during chilly winters and the liqueur contains 106 calories per serving.

Drambuie: Trivia

Drambuie is occasionally used to flavor desserts particularly the Christmas pudding.