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Lime Rickey

Lime Rickey, often just called “the Rickey” is the name of a cocktail category, where all the concoctions contain the juice of lime and come in several variations. Another thing that is common in every Lime Rickey recipe is that no sugar is added to the drink while the basic ingredients common to all the varieties include carbonated water and fruit syrups (soda fountain style). Also, these drinks, unlike most cocktails, are never shaken. Lime Rickey which is made with gin is also called Gin Rickey.

Origin of Rickey

Lime Rickey recipe was originally created by bartender George A. Williamson of Shoomaker's bar in collaboration with Colonel Joe Rickey, a Democratic lobbyist in Washington D.C. The original version of Lime Rickey that was introduced in the 1880s was made with bourbon whiskey, although, it was only a decade later that the drink rose to instant fame when gin was also include the recipe.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Lime Rickey

The Lime Rickey recipe suggests mixing fresh lime juice with gin, club soda, liquor, ice cubes. The basic preparation of the cocktail requires squeezing of the lime juice over the ice cubes contained instead a classic highball glass. Half a lime is then dropped inside the glass and then, the gin is poured over it. Next, the club soda is added to the Lime Rickey drink mixture and the drink is stirred four times.

Popular Variations in Rickey

Here are some of the best known variations of Lime Rickey with their unique ingredients–

August Special – This drink uses vanilla and pineapple extracts and grape juice.

Chicago Rickey – The unique ingredients of this drink are orange juice, pineapple and raspberry syrups. Fresh mint crush is used as garnish for this exclusive Lime Rickey.

Golden Gate – Orange juice is added to this drink.

Limetta – This cocktail is made with lime, fresh mint, Angostura bitters and powdered sugar.

Grape Rickey – Pineapple syrup and grape juice are the unique ingredients of this Lime Rickey recipe.

Lime Rickey Drink: Trivia

The month of July is celebrated as the Rickey month by the bartenders of the DC Craft Bartenders Guild of Washington D.C.