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Mushroom Lasagna

Mushroom lasagna is an Italian baked dish prepared with mushrooms as the primary ingredient. The dish is usually served with a meat dish or is prepared with chicken or ground beef. The lasagna is also served as an entrée occasionally. The spinach mushroom lasagna is popular due to its nutritive value. Sour cream is often used to enhance the taste of mushroom containing lasagne as well. However, the dish is usually prepared without meat and can be safely consumed by vegetarians.

Porcini, Portobello, and wild mushrooms are preferred to prepare this dish usually although other varieties of mushrooms can be substituted according to individual preferences. The lasagna dish baked with mushrooms and béchamel sauce is considered to be gourmet fare and is featured in almost all upper end Italian restaurants across USA. It is usually served with a green salad and fries.

Ingredients and Preparation

The most famous mushroom lasagna dish of Italian cuisine is the Mushroom Pesto Lasagna prepared with dried porcini and white button mushrooms. The mushrooms are chopped along with walnuts and garlic cloves with the aid of a food processor and sufficient olive oil is added to it. Parmesan cheese is blended well with the mixture to form a pesto sauce.

The dish is assembled by placing a couple of lasagna sheets within the baking dish with the pesto mixture and a layer of ricotta cheese topping it. The arrangement is repeated a number of times with the top most layer consisting of a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and fresh Italian parsley. The dish is then baked for about half an hour until the top layer develops a golden crust.

The lasagna sheets can also be replaced with French baguette bread as a variation.

Popular Mushroom Lasagna Recipe Variations

The common variations of mushroom lasagna are:-

  • Wild Mushroom Lasagna- This is a British recipe commonly consumed during the fall season when the wild mushrooms abound. This dish makes use of both wild as well as white mushrooms and is considered to be a good alternative dish to meat.
  • Mushroom Béchamel Lasagna- An exotic dish prepared with shiitake, porcini, and cremini mushrooms along with Béchamel sauce and red wine.
  • Mushroom Chicken Lasagne- This is traditional chicken and mushroom lasagna prepared with fresh mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and chicken bouillon.
  • Mexican Mushroom Lasagne- An Italian dish recreated with Mexican ingredients which include red kidney beans, corn and tomato salsa apart from nacho cheese sauce.
  • Matzo-Pizza Lasagna- This is a specialty dish created by Rachael Ray with sliced cremini mushrooms and square shaped matzo sheets replacing the lasagne sheets.


Cookbook author and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito has labeled mushroom lasagna as a miracle food for reducing cholesterol.